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2010 in review: Wang this, Wang that!!

Discussion in 'Professional Players' started by cobalt, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. cobalt

    cobalt Moderator

    Aug 7, 2010
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    2010 must go down in history as the year the Wangs made their impact – with a Bang!!

    It must start with the womens singles, of course. The Wang dynasty ruled supreme. For the most part, anyways. Tine spoiled the party at the AE, and Saina kept making a nuisance of herself all over South-East Asia. Add to that, the brat Ratchanok! Is there no respect for the Wang Dynasty???!?!?:(:eek:;)

    But they made their impact on all the other stages, where it mattered. There was no denying them. If not Wang YiHan, it must be Wang ShiXian. Or Xin. Or Lin. There were whispers that Jiang YanJiao was put on the back burner by LYB because she refused to change her family name to Wang!:crying: Even their victory cry (yelp?) sounded the same, after a while.:cool:

    In fact, it is rumoured that when a Xie or Chen or Zhang girl child cries in Fujian province, the mother says “Hush now, child, or the Wangs will come and get you!”

    On New Year’s Eve, the Wangs were heard singing their chorus from “The (Great) Wall” at the Square…

    "We don’t need no Federation,
    We don’t need no Inthanon,
    No Gao or Ma within the girls room,
    Teachers, leave us LiYongBo,
    Hey! Teachers... Leave us LiYongBo!
    All in all we're just another Wang in the Wall..."

    And just when you think you’ve had enough, it’s now the Mens Singles!!! Wang ZhengMing!:eek: What’s going on here??? Is there a national conspiracy to wipe out all the Lis, Zhangs, Longs, Mas, Chens and even Lins???!!? Nothing will surprise me any more. Thank heavens that WZM at least doesn’t squeak every time he wins a point. If he did, I would even suspect a ***-change scam!!!

    P.S. Before anyone gets their knickers all in a twist, please read this disclaimer: This is all in light jest, in case you missed the point!
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