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a small query

Discussion in 'Injuries' started by barmandebasish, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. barmandebasish

    barmandebasish Regular Member

    Dec 25, 2012
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    Sir, If you have some time then please reply my query..

    I am using Nanoray80 with string nanogy99 with 23lbs tension...
    I am a doubles player.
    I was a heavy smasher and could place a ball anytime to third court . After analyzing my powerful game by my friends and seniors they made tricks to stop me by giving net straight drops and always ready to lift the ball of my smash to third/first court.Then I have changed my strategy to not only stroking with power but also placing the shuttle as drops and critical places.
    Another thing is as a regular player(6days a week) and for heavy gym(weight lifting practice for wrist) and a fall of my body in time of practicing high kicks I have been injured in my right hand .. Nowadays I feel some pain in my right hand and I am suffering from a loss of energy of my right hand in the proper way.. I Do not have any problem with my court coverage.
    Both of them (changing the strategy and injury of hand) resulted me a lack of power .

    So I have been thinking to take rest for some time..Please tell me how can I get back my wrist and hand energy like before I had..

    Now I am thinking to change my racquet as a new experiment.. Chose some : Nanoray 100 , Arcsaber 7 , Voltric 9 , Head Power Helix 8000 . But little confused about which one will be better for me ..As I used Nanoray 80 With 23lbs string tension which is medium stiff and 4U in weight with little Head heavy(yes but does not seem so) , am thinking to choose the one which is medium flexible and some more property which can help me to smash easily and place everywhere to regain the power .One of my friend changed his game and increased his power of smash and shots by changing his racquet Muscle Power 22 plus to Head Youtek flash(Very flexible and Superlight).. I know this is not a technically sound logic but is there any chance of that..

    Please someone help me...please..Sometimes in the game I did smash 20-30 times and finished many games, but now however my smash power is lost by 25-35% for the above two reason. Please help me to regain power and choosing the new racquet.

    Thank you.
  2. catman

    catman Regular Member

    Apr 21, 2005
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    Toronto, Canada
    What was the injury to the hand? Have you fully recovered from the injury? If the injury was to the wrist - I would take my time returning to playing competitively as it take a long time to heal properly.

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