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Advance Badminton : Advance Skills Set to Upgrade How you Play

Discussion in 'Techniques / Training' started by shooting stroke, Jun 6, 2012.

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    Jan 6, 2009
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    The process that every player needs to go through before upgrading the level of badminton skills they possess will always be the same that is:

    Basics Skills -------------upgrade------------------ > Advance Skills

    e.g. Basic Skill = Net Play -----Upgrade------ > Advance skill = Tight spinning net play

    If the above process is fully understood therefore, to master advance skills is to master your basic skills first. In another word, you need to fully understand the correct knowledge and correct technique application of such knowledge for every basic skill there are in badminton before you can upgrade your skills into a more advance level.

    Once you’ve already strengthen all the basic techniques in performing all the basic skills then, upgrading yourself in acquiring advance techniques in performing advance skills will be easier either through proper guidance (preferably) or it will eventually, slowly, naturally develop. Then, while at this higher level, the advance skills set and requirements that you can learn and strengthen as to give you that extra winning advantage while playing will include:

    A. Advance skills set

    Level of difficulty

    + = difficult
    ++ = very difficult
    +++ = extremely difficult

    1. Net play skills
    - Tumbling net cord net play (+++)
    - Tight spinning straight net play (+ /++)
    - Deep tight cross court net play (++)
    - Fast Net kill (++)
    Example: Ability to execute a fast net kill from a weak net return

    2. Offensive skills
    - Attacking the clear (+)
    Example: Ability to execute an effective smash from a clear
    - Sudden fast attacking mode (++)
    Example: Ability to execute an effective around the head straight smash from a fast drive
    - Attacking the attack (++)
    Example: Ability to execute a kill from a weak drop shot
    - Repetitive multi angle attack (+)
    Example: Ability to execute an effective repetitive smash at different strategic placement
    - Rise and attack (++)
    Example: Ability to execute an effective smash quickly starting from a lying position (after defending in a dive mode)
    - Deceptive attack (++/+++)
    Examples: (i) Ability to execute an effective jumping smash which your opponent nearly clueless where you're going to place it (ii) Ability to execute a drop shot which its preparation convincingly like a smash

    3. Clear skills
    - Offensive forehand clear (+)
    Example: Ability to execute an effective deep and fast forehand clear to your opponent back court
    -Offensive backhand clear (++)
    Example: Ability to execute an effective deep and fast backhand clear to your opponent back court
    - Deep defensive forehand clear (++) - Recovery shot
    Example: Ability to execute an effective deep and high forehand clear to your opponent back court as a recovery shot
    - Deep defensive backhand clear (+++) - Recovery shot
    Example: Ability to execute an effective deep and high backhand clear to your opponent back court as a recovery shot

    4. Defense Skills
    - Offensive defense (++)
    Example: Ability to execute an effective flat drive to an empty space when returning a smash
    - Cross court defense (++)
    Example: Ability to execute a deep, cross, front court return when replying a smash
    - Diving (+)
    Example: Ability to return effectively a smash while on diving mode

    5. Lift skill
    - Deep back court high lift (+) - Recovery shot

    6. Deceptions (++/+++)
    What makes deception difficult is hugely due the fact that it requires the player to execute it so well but in fact, it's not easy in order to create that convincing deceptive scenario. The more difficult the deception e.g double motion, the requirement for the player to master the basic skills is far demanding.

    7. Serve
    - Deep corner back court flick serve (++)
    - Low corner front court serve (+)

    Having the ability to serve extremely well, especially in double will always open a high opportunity for the server to be on the dominant side. For example: Ability to execute an effective low serve will force the opponent to lift the birdie that create the chances for an attack.

    8. Drive
    - Fast, flat multi angle drive (++)

    B. Requirements

    1. Basic Requirements

    As earlier stated, none of the above advance skill is executable if the below requirements are not mastered first.

    1.1 Fitness
    1.2 Footwork
    1.3 Technique (e.g grip technique,swing technique etc)
    1.4 Mentality (e.g Positive mind set that you can execute such skill as a winning shot when the opportunity comes )

    2. Specific Requirement

    Below requirement plays an important contribution to facilitate the quality aspect as far as executing any advance skills is concern:

    2.1 Physical requirements
    a. Wrist power
    b. Forearm power

    Difficult skills such as executing an effective fast, around the head, straight whip smash or hold and hit deception demands an extreme wrist power ability to execute such skills.

    2.2 Vision
    a. Acute peripheral vision

    The more acute and effective your peripheral vision, it's simply to say that you're more aware in regards of your own surrounding in refer to your opponent position before executing your next following shot.

    The more constant you are to aware where your opponent is located then, your next following shot at whatever skill sets that you're executing will be constantly hard to retrieve and this also can facilitate you to plan and produce your next best shot as a killer.

    b. Sharpness

    Your eye should constantly focus on the trajectory of the birdie so that it can facilitate you to address the birdie earlier to produce quality execution of such advance skills and also avoid being deceive.

    2.3 Installing Good Badminton Habits
    a. Racket head level high
    b. Address the birdie earlier
    c. Pref ably perform around the head shot rather than backhand

    In summary,

    Badminton skills.JPG

    Advance skills set is an important skills to acquire especially if you're a competitive player that needs all the advantages there are in winning a game. For players that in the learning path to acquire such skills, just remember that the key to master in executing effectively all the advance skills set as mention above or other advance skills that is not included here comes down to the fact that you must master all your basic skills first.


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