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Affiliation with Badminton Ontario – Save Insurance money for facility rental

Discussion in 'Canada East' started by MBCLLAP, Aug 28, 2012.


    MBCLLAP Regular Member

    Aug 19, 2010
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    We have made significance stride in improving out affiliation model in Ontario to capture the number of people playing Badminton in Ontario. Last year, our affiliation number doubled.

    With the introduction of a new flat fee affiliation model, it has now become affordable for all clubs to affiliate with Badminton Ontario through it is District and take advantage of all the services that Badminton Ontario and it is district has to offer.

    If your club is within the TDBA district, your club can affiliate with Badminton Ontario for as low as $50.00, regardless of how many players you have in your clubs. You will get the following services in return:

    • $5 million liability insurance cover for your club.
    • If your club is renting a gym from a school, you are paying $75 to $100 insurance per school gym.
    • You will get a 10% discount card from selected Badminton Ontario Sponsors.
    • Your insurance requirement to play in League Play will be waive. $50 saving.
    You will get more benefits as Badminton Ontario begin to develop more services to service your club need.

    Only through affiliation, we can grow Badminton through our strength in numbers. With numbers and linkage, we will become a stronger organization to be recognized for sponsorship and government funding to build more programs.

    WHY SHOULD I Affiliate??
    • Do you know that there are over 2 millions people playing badminton in Canada?
    • Do you know that we are only able to report to the government that only about 100,000 people play badminton in Canada?
    • Do you know that Badminton in Canada is the 2nd lowest funded Olympic sports next to wrestling?
    • Do you know that Table Tennis get 2 times as much funding as badminton, Tennis get 4 times, Volleyball get 10x while Soccer get 17x?
    Please help us help the sport and in the long run, help you.

    If you know of any clubs that are not affiliated, ask them to affiliate and report an accurate number so we can report the proper number of people playing badminton to the government.

    For more information on the NEW affiliation model, download affiliation form at

    Or email me at:

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