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Any idea to healing and preventing injuries

Discussion in 'Injuries' started by Mimarking, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Mimarking

    Mimarking New Member

    Feb 17, 2017
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    Hi all!
    A few of us, old or young, are suffering some sorts of injuries because of badminton. Common badminton injuries include wrist pain, patellar tendonitis (jumper's knee), shoulder pain, back pain, ...... I am starting this thread for us to share ways that help heal and prevent these injuries.

    Here is my story. I have knee problem (patellar tendonitis or jumper's knee) for a long time. I have been using specially designed knee straps (McDavid Jumper's Knee Strap at Sports Authority) for a few years. I believe they help reduce pain as well as heal my injury. I also have back and shoulder problems. I still haven't found anything good yet. I sometimes take Ibuprofen before and during play to ease the pain. Ibuprofen also seems to reduce back inflammation very effectively. However, you should not take ibuprofen for a very long period of time. Heard about growth hormone which can help in such cases, what do you think? any experience?

    Your stories?
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