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Any idea to healing and preventing injuries

Discussion in 'Injuries' started by Mimarking, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Mimarking

    Mimarking New Member

    Feb 17, 2017
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    Hi all!
    A few of us, old or young, are suffering some sorts of injuries because of badminton. Common badminton injuries include wrist pain, patellar tendonitis (jumper's knee), shoulder pain, back pain, ...... I am starting this thread for us to share ways that help heal and prevent these injuries.

    Here is my story. I have knee problem (patellar tendonitis or jumper's knee) for a long time. I have been using specially designed knee straps (McDavid Jumper's Knee Strap at Sports Authority) for a few years. I believe they help reduce pain as well as heal my injury. I also have back and shoulder problems. I still haven't found anything good yet. I sometimes take Ibuprofen before and during play to ease the pain. Ibuprofen also seems to reduce back inflammation very effectively. However, you should not take ibuprofen for a very long period of time. Heard about growth hormone which can help in such cases, what do you think? any experience?

    Your stories?
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  2. jaywangsa

    jaywangsa Member

    Mar 27, 2018
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    Hi, I've also use my patellar straps and they do really help in playing and preventing injury,

    regarding the back and shoulder,

    I think the hitting technique will help the most, for me, I always try to find the most comfortable way of hitting, it shouldn't hurt or feel akward when u swing ur racket, try to throw shuttle as far and high as you can using the whole body, at least thats how I calibrate my hitting technique.

    regarding the shoulder, Badminton is a sport where u use your front deltoid (swinging racket) more than the rear deltoid, from many uses, the front deltoid will be developed more than the rear thus creating inbalanced deltoid. The injuries happened when all ur joint are moved toward the fron deltoid, resulting in pinched nerve in near deltoid or even a tear in ur rotarry cuff.

    normally when u had injury somewhere else in your body, your body will tensed up without u realizing it, a tight grip commonly causes an injuries. whenever a round is finished, I always held my racket upside down so i remember myself to relax my hand.
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  3. guitar_pic

    guitar_pic Regular Member

    Mar 17, 2006
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    MIS Sales Consultant
    Richmond BC
    One often activity that will help reduce injuries is stretching.......before AND after playing.
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  4. LenaicM

    LenaicM Regular Member

    Feb 9, 2018
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    This season (my first) I experienced back pain in October, shin splits in January and muscular shoulder pain around mid April. All those injuries were not solved until I reinforce the muscles or zone concerned.

    Solved the back pain after doing daily yoga exercices for the back and some fitness exercises, without weight, to reinforce it. Solved the shin splits after 3 months dealing with intense pain at each sessions (stopping for 2 weeks was worst) by doing some daily simple stretchings and fitness exercices to reinforce the calves. Solved the shoulder injury which was caused by intense smashing drills by reinforcing the shoulder with daily exercices. I always warm up/cool down for a solid 15/15minutes every sessions.

    What I learned this year is that reinforcing and/or stretching the affected zone of my body is the best way to solve minor injuries and eventually prevent the more serious ones. And for sure trying to use the proper technique for each strokes and movements on court. That being said everyone and every injury is different.
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