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Apacs bags

Discussion in 'Badminton Bag' started by shubhanan, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. shubhanan

    shubhanan Regular Member

    May 20, 2009
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    Graduate Student
    Columbus, OH
    Has anyone been using the APACS bags? Say Ap1000/AP1003 etc?
    I am contemplating getting one and just wondered if anyone has any inputs and bothered to speak'em out.. :eek:

    (Btw, I'm looking for a bigger bag, not width of a std 2 compartment bag. I already hv one :D)

    Hv fun BC'ers!

  2. weeyeh

    weeyeh Regular Member

    Nov 20, 2005
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    I use the AP1006 that came with my Tantrum 200. Sort of ditched my Yonex 9XXX (12 racket 2 compartment blue/white back sling) in favour of the 1006. Overall, I think the 1006 is much better made than the Yonex. The 3 compartment layout is also fantastic -- I use the middle compartment for all the rackets (~6) + shuttles (2 tubes) + occassional net, the right for all my in-game change of clothes, and the left for after-game change. The 2 shoe compartment are great for both mine and my wife's shoes.

    The only drawback is the clips of the slings are positioned too high so they are a little in the way. Easy solution is to either flip the slings around or lengthen the slings a bit more. I didn't bother since it's mainly from home to car to court and back for me.

    Overall, fantastic bag that I am willing to pay for if I had to.

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