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Badminton Club in Hatfield/St Albans/Herts

Discussion in 'UK' started by CometRich, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. CometRich

    CometRich Regular Member

    Jun 26, 2007
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    Looking to play badminton at some level in Hertfordshire ? We are called Comets badminton club and have two clubs catering for players of most levels.

    From players beginning to a lower league standard we have a club called Comets Dragons. This section plays in our local area leagues and has benefits of coaching from established players.

    For those who already play at a good standard (or have in the past) we have Comets Badminton Club. This section is aimed at those who are already playing or have played competitive badminton. This section plays on Thurs/Sun with match nights (in season) on a Tuesday. This section is also popular with county junior players.

    For more information feel free to pm me or contact Comets through our website.

    Comet Rich

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