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Badminton Stringing Workshop

Discussion in 'Badminton Stringing Techniques & Tools' started by liamnolan, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. liamnolan

    liamnolan Regular Member

    Apr 13, 2006
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    Technical Director Uk Racket Stringers Association
    Hi everyone, just got registered on this excellent site. I am not a very skillful badminton player, but I have lots of good players and coaches who have asked for a dedicated badminton stringing workshop and I have arranged one for Sunday 7th May in Bewdley, Worcs. The details are on the UKRSA website and I wonder if anyone out there is interested in attending and letting everyone have the benefit of your knowledge?
    This may be the first BADMINTON ONLY stringing workshop ever run and it is important that we get as good a crowd as possible. Workshops are very friendly and informal gatherings where we share info, look at new products, try our hands at some stringing if you like, experiment with any new machines, chat with company reps and drink far too much coffee. Bewdley is a beautiful and historic town and worth a vist any Sunday regardless.
    Drop me an email on if interested. Good luck to you all,
    Liam Nolan
    Technical Director UK Racket Stringers Association
    Master Racket Technician USRSA
    07861 380981
    PS - Any stringers wishing to have one months free membership and access into the UKRSA site, let me know.
  2. DinkAlot

    DinkAlot dcbadminton
    Brand Representative

    Feb 20, 2005
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    Southern California
    Wow, this is nice. I wish they had something like this for badminton stringers in the U.S.

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