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Badminton Summer Camp – take a real camp & train with the pros! Specials until May 15

Discussion in 'Royal Badminton Academy (RBA) (CLOSED)' started by Royal B, May 3, 2011.

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    Oct 26, 2010
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    Got time this summer? Do you love the energizing and exciting game of badminton? Do you want to develop fundamental skills in a fun-filled atmosphere with professional coaches?Learn the fastest racket sport in the world in a premier badminton academy featuring Olympians who train U.S. junior champions!

    Don’t just take a class –take a real camp & train with the pros!

    Hurry, space is limited – 8:1 student ratio!
    5% off Spring Savings until May 15

    Reserve your spot now at

    We are offering three summer camp programs at Royal B:

    1. ViVa Badminton Summer Camp: June 6-August 27
    All levels welcome

    2. Viva Badminton Summer Camp +: June 6-24, PM session Only
    All levels welcome – unique opportunity to train with Bob Malaythong (U.S. Men's Doubles #1 with Howard Bach, U.S. Olympian) and Raju Rai (7-time U.S. National Singles Champion, U.S. Olympian)

    3. B Champ Camp: July 5-August 27

    by Bob Malaythong and Raju Rai
    Advanced and tournament level students - eligibility is based on student level and to be decided by the management. Contact us at for more info.

    ViVa Badminton Summer Camp –Royal Specials:

    • Convenient am/pm weekly sessions: 5-day M-F & 4-day options
    • Friendly Match and Ice Cream Social on Fridays
    • Optional hour for free play, games, club activities
    Daily snacks (chips, granola bar, and drink)
    Free use of racket for the session
    ViVa Badminton camp T-shirt

    All information about schedule, program and rates is available at

    Interested? Attend the Royal Training Open House on Saturday, May 7 from 3:30 pm – 8 pm. This will give you the opportunity to meet the summer camp coaches and take a demo session! Register at

    Special deals if you sign up for a summer camp session on May 7.


    Royal Badminton Academy

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