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BK Rapier Pro vs. Victor Super Ti-1

Discussion in 'Racket Recommendation / Comparison' started by Jeetz, Dec 3, 2001.

  1. Jeetz

    Jeetz Guest

    I just returned the Yonex ISO 96VF racquet I bought from SportChek, since I was pretty displeased with it (lacks power).

    I went instead to a proper racquet shop, and I have now narrowed my search down to the Black Knight Raper Pro, the Victor Super Ti-1 and another special edition Black Knight called the GTI-25.

    Does anyone have any experiences or advice?

    PS Also the GTI-25 has a slightly stiffer shaft . Does a stiffer shaft equate to greater or less power? what about for control?
  2. Howard

    Howard Regular Member

    Apr 25, 2002
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    Calgary AB,Canada
    Why not go for a Muclepower 55??? It's 120 Canadian.
  3. Yogi

    Yogi Regular Member

    Apr 25, 2002
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    I have no clue abt the raper pro. I have not tried the Balcknight rackets. But then i can tell u that i fu can lay hands on a Fung 2000 then pls do buy it. It is a hell of a racket.

    If u are looking for a great racket in Carlton then it would be The ASti or Ab 2000.

    I think Muscle power 77 is lovely. Why dont u try a Iso 800. I am very sure u would like it.
  4. LL

    LL Guest

    If I had to choose between those 2 racquets, I would go with the BK Rapier Pro, the only BK racquet that I like amongst the current listing. Curious, where did you go to check out these badminton racquets. The Victor TI1 is a decent choice too but I would get the TI2, a bit stiffer, not as wimpy in the shaft.

    Other choices to consider around the same price range;
    Yonex MP55
    Victor TI2
    HiQua 200

  5. mini

    mini Guest

    Jeetz.. where do you lived in canada? I know a shop in my area that has lots of racket and at a decent price.... I never try those Bk racket you mention, but from pass experience, they are very stiff compared to other brands...
    I think Yogi is right, you should give ISO800 a try .. it is a awesome racket...
  6. fukin

    fukin Guest

    I've been using the Victor Ti-1 for about a year now its been a good racket for i'm looking to upgrade...the ti-5 seems to play well...but i think i'm going to try the ti 7 as well. The Victor Ti-1 is a medium stiff racket its good for control its light...its good for smashinga and feels solid on contact.

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