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BWF & World Champs

Discussion in 'World Championships 2007' started by hsengsping, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. hsengsping

    hsengsping Regular Member

    Jul 12, 2005
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    Has the BWF lost it in some respects

    1) Mess up with MD seedings putting a non-entered Danish pair in
    2) Mess up with WD with China pairs mixed up Du Jing/Yu Yang/ZTT. Also ZJW not entered initially and China I think allowed to jiggle representatives after deadlines (I have followed the various stages of who get unvited and when). Also Lee Hyun Il invite was I think initially declined and he was back on 2nd/3rd round
    3) Sairul invitation
    4) Delayed draw

    That I know of wrt WChamp. Little things but this is performance not worthy of a world body and suggest shoddy professionalism (are they a bunch of amateurs there?). I suppose they are better than Msian football admin but what a comparison eh?

    Sudirman order of play? Where is SS Final going to be with few months to go? Ranking calculation and timely publication? Redraws quite frequently. Not to mention recent infighting and legal tussles.

    What's up? They need really to beef up/think through their rules and FOLLOW THOSE RULES - not allow too many appeals, special cases, case by case ruling. Back office function also seemed weak. TRANSPARENCY as well largely lacking. We leave in the online era and these things are much more difficult to sweep under the carpet.

    Grouse over. Looking forward to excellent Msian performance at WC.

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