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CHN/KOR/INA WD pair disqualified from the Olympics

Discussion in 'Olympics LONDON 2012' started by FlamingJam, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Wildstone

    Wildstone Regular Member

    Aug 22, 2005
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    Good point, clear my doubts. Strange no one realized what the Korean coach said was contradicting...
  2. hcyong

    hcyong Regular Member

    Mar 7, 2004
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    Software Engineer
    KL & Sg
    4.1.2 Second sentence. LD DQ'ed. LCW takes gold :) Of course, I wouldn't have enforced this rule. But if you are dead set on the regulations ...
  3. pwimsey

    pwimsey Regular Member

    Aug 18, 2008
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    badminton vs chess tactical play

    unny it makes chessbase.
    while chess players typically do not throw games, but has been done in past, they do tend to play safe for draws

    this is not appealing to the audience as the draws are short or just home-based computer preparation.
    #383 pwimsey, Aug 10, 2012
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  4. Regular Member

    Jun 28, 2010
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    Do you have any concept of the meaning of perspective? Your attempted point is idiotic. I actually would like to see this rule enforced. Does enforcing it mean a DQ for LD? Only if you are a simpleton, what makes you think that violation of that rule isn't punishable by a fine or some other sanction? Your argument is the equivalent of trying to say if the justice system executes a murderer then someone who litters should also face death.
  5. Loh

    Loh Regular Member

    Oct 9, 2002
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    Singapore Also Can
    Strategy a must to achieve victory


    (Another view from a reader)

    From Dudley Au
    04:45 AM Aug 15, 2012

    I refer to the commentary "Playing to lose is smart, not an Olympic scandal" (Aug 13) on the ejected women's badminton doubles players.

    They had qualified for the next round, which opened the door for the teams to find the best route for their country. This would have only protected the players from unnecessary fatigue.

    Every athlete has to use judgment in pacing to achieve the best chance for ultimate victory. It is akin to chess, where one would sacrifice a piece or pieces to win. A long-distance runner would also hold back before making a final spurt.

    It is not cheating nor dishonesty but a strategy to conserve energy in whatever sporting endeavour. A limited resource is being rationally directed towards a goal, an earnest attempt to succeed.

    It is the same with pecuniary matters: One does not extend beyond one's means. One has to control one's finances, so that it is not exhausted before the goal is reached.

    In that sense, the players' actions should not have been faulted by the sport's authority. There is a dichotomy between the ideal, that the human body is unlimited, and the pragmatic path. The former sounds great, but pragmatism brings home the gold.

    If the goal of competing athletes and countries is to win, then there must be focus.

    To entertain the crowd is secondary, not primary. To win and break records would entertain spectators, but this would occur when resources are planned to peak at the right time.

    This is the pivot around which success and talent revolve. It would be hyperbole to believe otherwise.
    #385 Loh, Aug 14, 2012
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