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Coaching-Playing in Jakarta

Discussion in 'Indonesia' started by Timbuctoo, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Timbuctoo

    Timbuctoo Regular Member

    Jul 15, 2006
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    Hello to all you Indos and congrats on the good WC results!!

    Anyway, I'll be in Jakarta for 7 weeks this coming December until mid-January showing off my new child to the inlaws. I've decided that I'd like to get some good badminton training in Singles and want to know if there are any clubs that offer group coaching so that I can get involved. Because I'm from Australia and we are below par at badminton I could take away a lot of valuable learning for both myself and for others here in Australia.

    My level of badminton is average but that's because we never get much of a chance to play with good players and get good coaching. My fitness is well above average so I'd enjoy a really intense training session. I don't mind paying a bit for good coaching and to be part of a good group.

    NTBA which is the Badminton Association here where I live said they wouldn't even mind bringing a coach out here for a short time to teach us more about the game and help our teenages go to the next level.

    So if anyone wants to let a lanky Aussie know of a training group as described above I'd love to know. Just send me Address Info and or Phone Numbers. I'll be staying at Kebaylan II, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan not far from Blok M Plaza but I don't mind travelling on the express bus each day which I think goes all the way to Kalapa Gading. I used to teach English in Jakarta so maybe we can do some deals, lol. Please send me some info soon, I look forward to hearing from anyone.


    Tim Hutchins

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