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Could we start an Online-Petition Supporting 5x7 s

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Jeff, Jan 6, 2002.

  1. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    Not to rival the other post, just trying to get a fair opinion.
    I'm sure some of us are for the new scoring system.
  2. Christian

    Christian Guest

    Re: Could we start an Online-Petition Supporting 5

    I'm in favour of changing the scoring-system...

    I'm just not convinced what alternative scoring-system should be preferred...

    As far as I know, the Danish Badminton Federation will in the up-coming national championships ask everybody (with the possible exception of ladies singles) to play 5 X 9 as they did in the Copenhagen Open mens doubles... which they considered a success..

    I know this system has been tried before as well, and my main point is therefore that we should wait a little longer and gather even more experience with the different possibilities before we call for a vote..

    Does anybody agree?
  3. Erik

    Erik Guest

    Re: Could we start an Online-Petition Supporting 5

    I am not so sure that making an exception for the ladies' singles
    would be the politically correct thing to do. The ladies' game does not deserve this.
    I would agree that a 5x9 format would be the better option for
    all doubles. I would also agree that the way back to best of three is not an option.

    I think that either a complete switch to 5x9 for all five events,
    or for the three doubles events only could be a succesful alternative.

    I would certainly agree that further exploring the 5x9 option is
    to be prefered to making a yes/no decision on 5x7 coming May.
    I would however not support a separate scoring system for the
    ladies' singels only. We have had that for far to long.

  4. Christian

    Christian Guest

    Re: Could we start an Online-Petition Supporting 5

    I agree with your observations on what would be politically correct.

    In my previous posting I was only referring to the fact that some people in Denmark have argued that 5x9 is too tough a switch for the ladies compared to the current 3x11.

    This might lead to a separate solution this time around at the Danish national championships.

    On the long term, I think everybody in Denmark agrees that there should the same scoring system for both types of singles.
  5. Joey

    Joey Guest

    Re: Could we start an Online-Petition Supporting 5

    I agree too, to me 5x9 seems to be the best. cuz it used to be to 15, if u have like won in straight sets then u made like 30 points. with this one (5x9) u get 3x9=27 points, thats somewhat simular. while if u have 5x7 its just 21 point. ( looking at a point of view where u win in straight sets)
  6. Tap

    Tap Guest

    Re: Could we start an Online-Petition Supporting 5

    7x5 is's finished very fast in a set. I prefer the older system. If u make a few mistakes in 7x5, it'll be over...but stillz, it's okie wif me whether it's 7x5 or 15x3.

    Kay Hwa
  7. Mag

    Mag Moderator

    Apr 25, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Graphic Designer
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Re: Could we start an Online-Petition Supporting 5

    This is a really weird argument, yet it is so common!

    A lot of people argue that 3x15 is better because it allows you to make more mistakes or because it's more forgiving to "slow starters"... What? Is making a lot of mistakes good? Is being a slow starter some sort of virtue in badminton?

    My view is that 5x7 has made badminton singles better. In doubles it has worked less well, and there 5x9 seems to be a possible solution. However, I think 5x9 would work well with singles too, so I advocate that 5x9 is used for all disciplines. This goes for women's disciplines as well. There is little justification for different scoring for men and women.

    So, not that it matters one bit, but I'm all for 5x9!
  8. ligak

    ligak Guest

    Re: Could we start an Online-Petition Supporting 5

    i support the 5x9 scoring system. 5x7 system kill the excitement in badminton. If the player have the speed and power, the odd is he'll win. It's very hard to think about strategy when playing 5x7 and a rally is seldom, that mean we'll won't see much of it if the system is implemented. Badminton is like the game of chess, try to read the opponent mind and weakness.
  9. Cheung

    Cheung Moderator

    Apr 25, 2002
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    wannabe badminton phototaker
    Outside the box
    Re: Could we start an Online-Petition Supporting 5

    After having watched a few 5 x7 matches, many of them turn out the same way. flat drives, short serves, and many games finished in 5-10 minutes. Very few are like a game of chess and difficult to vary the pace.

    Talking about political correctness for men and ladies, the most unfair is tennis. Grand slam tournaments are best of five sets for men but three for ladies and mixed.
  10. SystemicAnomaly

    SystemicAnomaly Regular Member

    Sep 21, 2004
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    Santa Clara, CA
    5x9 vs 5x7

    I've tried the 5x9 format & prefer it to the shorter 5x7. its closer in overall duration to ye olde 3x15.

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