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dodgy floor

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by samohtom, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. samohtom

    samohtom Regular Member

    Sep 8, 2002
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    Just needed somewhere to vent out my frustration! Basically there's this club I go to near to where I live. The standard is quite reasonable for the area but over the past month or so the club has been let down by the fact that the floor is like an ice rink! You just cannot move. During this past month we've ended up spending 20 mins - half an hour just sweeping the floor to try and improve it to a playable level (it improves it but not much). The problem seems to come from lots of little kids playing football in there before us thus making the floor a mess. The hall is part of a high school, which doesn't seem to care and just tells us to "clean it" apparently. A match was being played tonight and the opposition actually left early and rescheduled because the floor was so slippery. It's an accident waiting to happen. As of today I've decided to speak with my feet and "unjoin", reclaiming whatever proportion of my joining fee I can. It just makes me want to scream...

  2. txyu

    txyu Regular Member

    Apr 30, 2002
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    Manager Fitness Facility
    Back in Sudbury, ON
    It's too bad you have to resort to quitting and spend time to find a new place. I think you'll run into the same problem elsewhere though. Multi use facilities are always like that....dirty floors...Janitors just don't have the time to always clean the gym floor and gym personnel never do it unless asked.
    The only times I get to play on really clean floors is after I've done them myself, it's a badminton only facility, or it's at a tournament.

    Windexing the floor helps....spary some windex onto the court and then sweep it.....just do your own area.
    Sweeping without windex takes up some dust but I feel it just spreads it around a little more mostly.
    A moist paper towel or a moist towel on the side of the court to wipe your feet every once in awhile helps too. Saves you from wiping your feet on your shoes or on your socks.
    That's what I'm used to doing...if there are any better ways or other suggestions, I'd love to hear about them...unless it's already been talked about.
  3. Californian

    Californian Regular Member

    Jun 7, 2002
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    Southern California
    When a floor is this bad, it usually takes two passes--once with a dry dust mop, then again with a swiffer or damp mop of some kind (I've used a push broom with a damp towel wrapped around it). Plus, you may need to check for scuff marks and chewing gum.

    A slippery floor is dangerous, but its just plain frustrating to play on when you slip as you try to push off, or slide when you try to stop.

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