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Does stringing tension matter in my case?

Discussion in 'Badminton String' started by techno79, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. techno79

    techno79 Regular Member

    Nov 1, 2011
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    Prior to 6 months ago, I would get my rackets strung at 25lbs which seemed ok but I wasn't sure if another tension was any better. About 6 months ago, I decided to do a bit of trial and error to find the most suited string tension for me. I had to replace a broken racket anyway so decided to purchase two identical rackets (Yonex Nanoray 80). I had them restrung from new with Yonex NGB-98. One was strung at 23lb and the other was strung at 25lb. I alternated between the two and allowed both strings to bed in. I believe I could notice a difference between the two rackets but I couldn't actually tell which I played better with (assuming the difference wasn't in my head). After a month or so, I seemed to favour going for the 25lb one but would still occasionally give the 23lb one a go.

    I'm a social player (but play at a more advance level). I like to play a good attacking game and enjoy smashing hard as and when appropriate (possibly even when it's not appropriate too).

    (1) My gut says the 25lb tension one was more suited to me but if I genuinely can't tell the difference does it really matter? E.g. a novice player playing badminton in the garden may not be able to tell any difference between 15lb and 25lb. (2) Likewise, is my skill level such that 23lb and 25lb is not noticeable?

    Anyway, freakishly, both racket strings snapped within 24 hours of each other. I decided to get the first racket strung at 24lb and I'm now deciding what to trial with the 2nd racket as I have not yet got it restrung yet (old strings have already been cut out).

    I'm tempted to try 26lb but also read about having slightly different tensions between mains and cross so was thinking 25lb on the mains, and 26lb on the cross.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If what I pick is obviously not right for me then it's not a big issue for me to have the racket restrung to something different. Obviously, I don't want to do this too often as it'll get pricey but doing it once or twice won't break the bank.

    (3) Any advice on string tensions? (4) Or advice on how to best carry on with my trial and error?

    Thanks in advance
  2. gundamzaku

    gundamzaku Regular Member

    Sep 18, 2008
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    working professional
    Santa Clara County, California, USA
    i think if the 25lbs tension is what feels good to you, then stick with that one for the first racket. then use the second racket to test different tension so even if you're not happy with the first tension you can always go back to the 25lbs racket, which will be your constant in this experiment. so basically i'm suggesting you to test 25lbs with 1 other tension everytime, until you find a tension that feels better to you than 25lbs :)

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