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Discussion in 'Badminton Rackets / Equipment' started by Rich, Apr 6, 2002.

  1. Rich

    Rich Guest

    Has anyone ever heard or tried one of the GenJi raquets?
  2. Brett

    Brett Regular Member

    Apr 25, 2002
    Likes Received:
    I copied the folllowing from the Miscellaneous Racquets subsection of the BC review section, that I posted in November:

    Genji "Graphite Light"

    Thin grip - probably G5
    Iso head
    Regular length
    Medium flex shaft
    All graphite
    21 gauge synthetic string @ about 17lbs
    $40 U.S.

    A new guy in our league brought one of these tonight and I played with it for about five minutes. The racquet is very pretty, with one of the best color schemes I have seen, dark semi-metallic red and black (kind of similar to the new Iso 60 Lite). It is head heavy, but that could be in large part a function of how small the grip is - if I were to add overgrip to build it up to a reasonable size for me, G2, it would probably be evenly balanced. It has a pretty flexible shaft and works decently on clears, but was too flexible for hard smashes; if it was strung with a better string at a higher tension, it might have been ok. Touch wasn't anything to write home about, but five minutes isn't really enough time to become sufficiently familiar with a racquet to judge its effectiveness on drop shots. On one hard smash, it seemed maybe too fragile, and I looked at the racquet to make sure I hadn't cracked the frame, but didn't seem any cracks.

    The owner got it online from the following internet store:

    He got a special introductory package - two of these racquets, a three-racquet bag and a tube of feather shuttles for $69.00. I'd say that was a good deal.

    This racquet is for beginners and is an ok value. I would say it plays almost as well as my Yonex Cab 8300 and is better on clears than that racquet. I have concerns about its durability for hard hitters or for doubles players who are apt for racquet clashes, though, and I would recommend the Cab 8300 over this one, as it is a tougher racquet.

    Overall, I give this racquet 5/10.

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