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GGBC Summer Camp 2009 !

Discussion in 'Golden Gate Badminton Club ( GGBC )' started by GGManagement, May 18, 2009.

  1. GGManagement

    GGManagement Regular Member

    Oct 25, 2005
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    Menlo Park

    Dear GG Members and Friends!

    Children are happy for the upcoming Summer Holidays and it's time to go to GG Summer Camp!!

    GGBC SUMMER CAMP will engage your children in a healthy, vibrant and interactive cardiovascular exercise, which will benefit them both physically and mentally. Badminton is a sport unlike any other as it encourages great flexibility, lightning-speed-response, spontaneous thinking not only in the game but it will invariably influence all other aspects of life in positive ways.

    It builds and strengthens one's stamina and is a group work out that will never leave you lonely! So your kids will meet like-minded buddies and together they will participate in a serious, disciplined and yet fun game of badminton.

    The SUMMER CAMP 2009 that will be held concurrently at both GGBC 1 and GGBC 2 is mentored by World Class Coaches in the Bay Area and across the nation! Just as any of our curriculum, GG Summer Camp is well-structured, rigorous, of high quality and thrilling to guarantee your kids an exciting learning time as well as an experience FULL OF FUN in the coming holiday season!

    There's NO cooler way to spend Summer Holiday at GG Summer Camp! Sign Up NOW before all spots are taken!

    For detailed information, please download the Application Package attached below.

    To download the PDF version of the Application Package, please CLICK HERE !

    Thank you all!

    Best Regards,
    GG Management




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