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Hendrawan & Taufiq Late withdrawal

Discussion in '2002 Tournaments' started by SJ, Mar 30, 2002.

  1. SJ

    SJ Guest

    As we all knew that Hendrawan and Taufiq were entered to play at the Korean Open and at the last minutes they both withdrew from the tournament which had been drawn and published. PBSI excuse was pathetic that is forgot to apply visa earlier, obvious LIE, LIE...LIE, we all know is tactical for Thomas cup strategy but why should they registered at the first place, I know it is important for country like Indonesia to win but that does not justify them to muck-up somebody tournament and especially lying, is this what young Badmintoners need to learn that is if you want to win do whatever even if you have to lies.
    This incident is PBSI or in general most of Indonesian authorities mentality where often they think that everybody else is dumb that they can deceive them. My message to them is stop this nonsense, we all know when someone is lying, we just don't want to embarrass you but is about time that you should know now that we are ashame to be Indonesian if you think that you are smart. I still remember how Rudy won the ninth All England by beating Liem Swie King, I hope Christian read this forum.
    We all have to remember that this is just SPORT where sportmanship need to be taught to next generations, if this sport want to be professional, act like one.

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