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how does temperature affect string tension

Discussion in 'Badminton String' started by Johno, Nov 9, 2001.

  1. Johno

    Johno Guest

    I was just wondering this because me and my friend both had our strings re-done at the same time, with the same string..... 1 of them from the ashaway range.
    But after about 6 months of play, my strings have lost quite a lot of tension where as his don't seem to have lost to much at all.
    I play with a Yonex Ti 6, and he plays with a Ti 7, so there the same racket apart from the balance and the fact that his has the muscle power frame ( which i know does help to keep a decent string tension)

    But the main differance is where we keep your rackets, i keep mine in a fleet double thermal which is inside my yonex bag ( so the strings are quite warm i supose), i don't know where he keeps his, but his strings always seem cold and tight.

    We are both junior players, but play at a high standard, me more so then him, so i play more than him.

    What i was wondering is if strings acts like muscles do, for example, when a muscle is cold it feels tighted, but is at a higher chance of injury, so does this mean that when the strings are cold that they are tighted but at a higher risk of breaking.

    I was just intersted, so if anybody has any views on this, i'd like to know what u think

  2. Harry

    Harry Guest

    The use of the thermal bag shouldn't have too much impact on strings. Thermal bags don't keep your racket at a high or low temperature - eventually the temperature will adjust to the surroundings. What thermal bags do is to protect your strings from sudden changes in temperature when you go from a hot gym to the cold outside. Sudden changes in temperature can have a damaging effect in the long run.

    Much more likely to be the cause of a loss of tension is the amount you play. Also, as you play, the strings warm up and stay warmer as you play, which stretches the strings. If you play more than your friend, plus he has a Muscle Power Frame, then those are the most likely reasons for your strings losing tension more quickly. Also, strings at higher tension will lose tension more quickly. Do you two use the same tension?
  3. Johno

    Johno Guest

    we both use 22lb's of tension.
    he is more of o big smasher, where as i'm more of a control player........ then only really smashes then i'm pissed off, or if i'm against people that i don't like, and obviously if the chance comes in the game for a smash to be played,
    But i'm not smash, smash, smash like my friend

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