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How much do you train?

Discussion in 'Techniques / Training' started by Peter, Mar 17, 2002.

  1. Peter

    Peter Guest

    hey guyz,

    I'm mainly looking for responses from proper badminton players.
    I'm 15 years old and I play badminton competitively at a high level.
    This is a typical week for me:

    Monday: 1hr of conditioning and 1hr30mins skills
    Tuesday: 2hrs skills and 1hr weights
    Wednesday: 2hrs skills
    Thursday: 1hr30mins skills 30mins conditioning
    Friday:2hrs games
    Sat/Sun: Competitions or
    Sat:rest or ocassional 1hr skills session
    Sun:2hrs skills session and games

    Im just looking for response from junior around the world to find out what they do in a typical week
  2. Kevin

    Kevin Guest

    i am 16year and live in belgium ;)

    monday: 30min condition - 1.30h : skills 1hour games
    wednesday: 3hours: games with other people of my age
    thursday: 3hours games with older people 18+
    saturday: 30min condition - 1.30 : skills 1h games
    sunday : 3hour games with older people 18+

    total of 15hours

    + sometimes i train at home for some high jumping (not longer then 10min :p)
  3. Iwan

    Iwan Guest

    you guys dont jog or do shadow training or skipping? If not, better start putting that into the lists. They fall under endurance training and is VERY important.

    I don't train much anymore, don't get to really :( but this is how I used to do it when my brother and I were coached (we were coached personally, just the two of us and one coach):

    Monday to Saturday 3 hours training, skills, shadow, half court or full court singles with my coach to develop strategies or steal strategies from him ;) hehehe

    On Monday, Wednesday, Friday I have an extra hour or two to play doubles with some older people.
    (this happened in Indonesia incase you wanted to categorize the different kinds of training that people do in different countries)

    I was 15 years old back then now 18 years old. Now a days, I just go for a jog to build up on my stamina, swing my racket in my room to develop my wrist strength, and play around with finger work infront of a huge mirror to develop deceptive shots (have to use your imagination in this one, and so far it has worked. Managed to develop quite a deceptive crosscourt netshot without the wrist moving much, only the finger rotating the handle causing the head to rotate to a different angle as well. Tested it out in a game last Monday, oh yes, I play only on Mondays now a days, school has gotten very busy :( )

    Rest on Sunday, your body needs it to recover and build up that muscle.
  4. Jan

    Jan Guest

    What you have outlined - Peter is not that different from what other high-level 15-year olds do!

    Heavy training like weights, running and physical should start to play a bigger part around now - but still - at 15 you should not emphasize it. Technical training is great for you now - as you are in your prime "learning years"

    and it does not shine through if you differentiate your practice according to what part of year it is.

    What people usually do (as Iwan as mentions) there is a difference in the practice you should do between seasons and for instance 2 weeks before a big competition.

    Doing allot of running and weights is not a good idea all year - but it is necessary - and should be done in the season break maybe!
  5. Neil

    Neil Guest

    Hi i am 19 and play badminton at quite a high level, i have played for my country on lots of occasions as a junior and i am now trying to make it as a senior. This is a typical training week :-

    Monday Am - 35 -45 Run
    Monday Pm - Skills Session for 1hr followed by either cicuit training or Shadow badminton Speed Endurance Session. ( 30 mins)

    Tuesday Am - Weight Traning (1hr) followed by a flexabitilty session (30min)
    Tuesday Pm - Training squad with 3 other high quality players 1 hr Routines and Drills and then 1 hr Games

    Wednesday Am - Hill Session ( This is a where i run up a hill about 1/2 a mile long at close to flat out pace. I do this 6 times)
    Wednesday Pm - Skills Practise (1hr) followed by 20-mins flexabilty

    Thursday Am - Rest
    Thurday Pm - Play at local club just doubles and mixed (2hr)

    Friday Am - Weights (1hr)
    Friday Pm - 1hr skill session follwed by circuit training 30mins

    Saturday - Am Run 35-45 mins
    Saturday - Pm Skill session or if really tired flexability session

    Sunday - REST DAY

    I f you have any comments on these then please let me know.
  6. Peter

    Peter Guest

    what country are u from neil? and what are u ranked in your country
  7. Neil

    Neil Guest

    Hi peter i have finished my first season as a senior ranked number 10. I am from scotland, How about you?
  8. This is the schedule for an average week:
    Monday: 5 mile jog, 1 hour fartlek (jog and sprint), 1 hour skills, 1 hour weights, and 1 hour swim.
    Tuesday:3 mile jog, 5000m rowing, 1 hour repetitive exercises (situps etc), and serving practice to round the day off.
    Wednesday: Bleep test, anaerobic training (sprinting), 1 hour weights, 2 hour match play
    Thursday: 2 hours yoga, half an hour skipping, hour of shadow boxing, half an hour jog, 1 hour power shots (clearing and smashing), 1 hour drop shots
    Friday: 2 hours weights, 5km running, 2 hours serving and drop shots, 1 hour match play
    Saturday:half an hour jog, 1 hour cycling machine, 2 hours basketball, 2 hours match play (badminton)
    Sunday: 1 hour drop shots and serving, 2 hours match play, 1 hour swim

    Average week: 30-35 hours training
    On holidays I train with the national team. I know this is a tortuous regime, but the hard work pays. They call me the Serbian Sniper, because when I pick out my smash, it makes contact with the floor with lethal precision.
  9. Peter

    Peter Guest

    Serbian Sniper........

    How old are you and what standard are you playing at? What country u from and what is ur ranking?
  10. I am 18, and from Serbia. I won national title for the past three years, and I hope to become first ranked player from Serbia.
    Serbian Sniper
  11. Cheung

    Cheung Moderator

    Apr 25, 2002
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    wannabe badminton phototaker
    Outside the box

    Don't you need a rest day?
    I would have thought skills practise would be a greater proportion of the time.
  12. Obviously when I started out, I only trained once every other day, but once you attain a certain level of fitness, you can endure training everyday. As you will see from my schedule, the training that puts most strain on your body, such as weights and rowing is not done every day. Also plyometric training is important to increase flexiblilty, and to improve technique, therefore injury risk is minimised. I will happily reply to any more questions.
  13. TDotSmAsHer

    TDotSmAsHer Regular Member

    Apr 25, 2002
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    Student Gr 11 in Sept.------- badminton player/ad
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    When you first started out... do you get really sore the day after training? I do.. although.. i think it will go away if I switch to a 3u racquet.. right now im using 2u mp-55 which i thought was ok but after trying 3u racquet apparently not!

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