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I am new in Seoul!

Discussion in 'Japan / Korea' started by FnixLan, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. FnixLan

    FnixLan New Member

    Sep 24, 2005
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    I am a Chinese and new in Seoul. I live near Korea Univ., (Anam subway station). I used to play three times every week in China. So who can recommend me some clubs? Thanks a lot!
  2. event

    event Regular Member

    Jan 27, 2005
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    First of all, I don't know of anyone on this list who actually plays in Seoul so firsthand knowledge will be difficult to come by. There seem to be some who have played there so you can wait for them to chime in or do some checking on your own with what info I can offer. Generally, you will have to join a club (which in turn rents the gym) and that means paying upwards of 30,000won a month. In some cities, there are public facilities where you pay a low entry fee (1000won in both Suwon and Daejeon) and only need to join a club for social reasons or to enter a tournament or to avoid being snubbed by people who only want to play with their own club members (if you are an advanced player or in some other way a novelty, this is less likely to happen). The only facility like this that I know of in Seoul is on the west end.

    This link will give you a list of clubs that should be in your area:

    In the listings for any club, Item #4 is, of course, contact info for the manager, #5 is the number of members and #7 is the number of courts.

    Allow me to make some guesses about what to expect from the clubs on this list.

    This one (#5 on the list) doesn't show times or membership fees and it is a public facility but I doubt it has the low entry fee I mentioned. It is near Wolgok Stn(2 away from Anam).

    #3 is at the same facility (城北區民會館) as #5 and they want 100,000won down and 25,000 a month for membership and play from 6-9AM (meaning #5 might be in the evening?).

    #7 is at Samsun Elementary School near Bomun Stn (one stop from Anam). It costs 30,000won a month and they play from 6-8AM.

    #1 is at Sungnye Elementary School and is 30,000 a month for men and 25,000 for women! It is near Koryu-dae Stn.

    #6 and #2 seem to be outdoor clubs.

    In some other areas on the #6 subway line, you might find something. This one might not be too bad 3 stops from Anam. It's 38,000 a month for any of the listed 2h time slots per day:

    Let me know if any of this helps.

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