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Is Singapore Open or other 'Open' tournament is re

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Budi, Aug 15, 2001.

  1. Budi

    Budi Guest

    I dunno this, but are this open tournaments really open to public?
    I mean if anyone want to take part, can they just do it, or do they have to be recognized or ranked ?

    or do they have to get an approval first from the country that they are representing?

    thanks for any reply.
  2. modious

    modious Regular Member

    Apr 25, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Thomson, Singapore.
    Re: Is Singapore Open or other 'Open' tournament i

    Why Budi??
    U want to take part in the next tournament in Singapore? :p
  3. Oracle

    Oracle Guest

    Re: Is Singapore Open or other 'Open' tournament i

    Yah! IF YOU AR EHIGH ENOUGH on the computer ranking you walk thru. Otherwise, try the qualifiers but organizers will be looking at your previous local or international record and if you have none or done little, you don't start.
    So, yes, its open to anyone subject to their being of a certain standard - otherwise the organizers will be wasting lots of time and money staging clearing operations of dozens of non-starters, to fill a few vacancies.
    U in any of these categories? Oracle
  4. Budi

    Budi Guest

    Re: Is Singapore Open or other 'Open' tournament i

    I'll be taking part in next year's Singapore Open ..
    as a line judge that is :p
  5. Budi

    Budi Guest

    Re: Is Singapore Open or other 'Open' tournament i

    There is this one guy from UK who plays really bad, I think we have people in our group who may be able to beat him. Can't remember his name, he played a guy from Singapore in the qualifying round. I can't imagine how he got to play..

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