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Kia Ora from Masterton, New Zealand

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by semin, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. semin

    semin Regular Member

    May 11, 2013
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    Masterton, New Zealand
    Hi folks,

    I am Sam from Masterton in New Zealand. I have been playing badminton (and table tennis) as my recreational sports since I was a kid, although there has been a long period of break until I restarted the sports a couple years ago. I am currently playing badminton every Friday night at Masterton Social Badminton Club (MSBC) in Masterton so if you are based in the Wairarapa area please come to the YMCA gym to join us.

    I consider myself a badminton (and table tennis) enthusiast, and I usually search around some info on these two sports online. I actually have signed up Badminton Central several months ago when I accidentally found this form, although I didn't come back since then until now (I actually have totally forgot about this forum).

    As a badminton enthusiast I have used several rackets so far. The history of my rackets are:

    • Kawasaki KB-17 (frame cracked)
    • Snauwaert 11 Full Comp (frame cracked)
    • Yonex Carbonex8 Tour (frame cracked)

    • Prospeed Trueno Zigzag (main)
    • Prospeed Ugly Axe (shaft broken)
    • Prospeed Razor Blade (shaft broken)
    • Prospeed Quantum Energy (spare)
    • Prospeed Pegasus (spare)
    • Prospeed Samurai (training only)

    I am coming back the forum now (and this actually my first post here) mainly because I just had some drama with my rackets when I was playing badminton in our club recently. As you see on the above list some of the rackets have got broken shafts. Believe or not these two (new) rackets split into two pieces in two weeks, and I wanted to see if any of you guys have had similar experience. If you are interested you may want to see my (rather outdated) blog about the incomplete story on these two broken rackets.

    One broken racket might be just defect, but two rackets in a row is not quite right. However since the manufacturer has now agreed to replace them with new series of rackets, and also the drama has brought me back to this forum I would for now consider it as a blessing in disguise.

    See you guys somewhere in the forum.


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