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Li-Ning Canada Sponsorship Details Released

Discussion in 'Canada East' started by Li-Ning Canada, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Li-Ning Canada

    Li-Ning Canada Regular Member

    Mar 7, 2012
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    Business Development Director
    Burlington, Onario
    The Li-Ning Canada Ultimate Badminton Sponsorship program details can now be found by visiting and clicking on the sponsorship link located in the top right corner. Create an account then click on the sponsorship link again. Anytime you are logged into your account youwill have access to the sponsorship e-brochure. If you want the program details forwarded to your email inbox contact This is not just your average badmintonsponsorship. This is the ultimate badminton sponsorship that includes world class equipment and an innovative profit sharing program. But hurry, this is a limited first release and only those that apply will be considered. Stay tuned. Spread the word. Make the change.

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