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Lin Dan has STILL got it!

Discussion in 'China Professional Players' started by mona_san, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. mona_san

    mona_san Regular Member

    Jan 13, 2006
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    a little town
    I don't think it is fair of the badminton fans to criticize Lin Dan when he loses. If that was the case for all players noone would shut up about how bad Taufik is. After all, Lin Dan has been number one for over a year. He is consistent and in most cases better then his opponents. Once in a while he has off days, that normal, he is a human being. He has the right to show his dissapointment any way he wants. It didnt hurt anybody, its not like everyone else doesnt do it. Its just because he is number one and when he does some a little out of the norm you guys pounce on him like a cayote on a lamb chop. So stop whining, China has flogged pretty much everyone in all the competitions. No one makes a fuss when Taufik goes into one of his hissy fits. They are still the most challenging team to go up against and they still probably will be in the years to come.
Thread Status:
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