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Looking for ppl to play/group

Discussion in 'USA West' started by rasmoo, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. rasmoo

    rasmoo Regular Member

    Mar 4, 2006
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    So cal
    17 year old kid OC area been playing for about 2 years. In terms of my skill ive been playin badminton for 2 years in highschool. I feel that im sub-par/par intermediate player. Just looking for a group since most the ppl i play with are not really into goin to a club and payin money to play and what not cuz there all poor :D. Im not a great player but im not a total begineer player. But im not inbetween either. I guess im sub-par intermediate. . Ive played it for about 2 years in hs weekly i guess 5 hours a week? So ya anyway if u wana form a group or play singles at a club or place or somethin leme know im in the oc area and would probably drive as far south as san diego and as far north as hmm long beach maybe. pm me
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