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Malaysia camp laugh off Chinese claims

Discussion in 'Thomas Cup / Uber Cup 2006' started by Malaysianfan, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. Malaysianfan

    Malaysianfan Regular Member

    Jan 22, 2006
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    a malaysian living in UK
    Malaysian camp laugh off Chinese claims

    DEFENDING champions China are admittedly the overwhelming favourites for the Thomas Cup, but they can be a bit arrogant as well.
    China's chief coach Li Yongbo has told a Chinese on-line daily that Malaysia cannot beat Denmark if the two were to meet in the semi-finals.
    He was reported as saying that national number one Lee Chong Wei would not be able to topple Denmark's top star Peter Gade-Christensen while the Malaysian doubles players could not match the formidable Danish doubles pairs.
    On paper, second seeds Malaysia could face third seeds Denmark in the semi-finals. Before that, though, they will have to beat South Korea or Indonesia in the quarter-finals.
    Rather than being upset about Yongbo's claims, national chief coach Yap Kim Hock laughed it off, saying that China's actions showed that they were worried.
    “If they predict a China-Denmark final, why did they record Malaysia's opening tie – all five matches – against United States yesterday (on Friday). Are they expecting to cross paths with the United States?” asked Kim Hock.
    “Why did their singles and doubles coaches turn up at our training session?
    “But it is China's opinion and we respect that. And we agree that Denmark have a very strong team. We will not let this affect us.”
    While Kim Hock brushed off the matter, national singles coach Misbun Sidek felt that China's statement could be interpreted in two ways.
    “They are either underestimating Malaysia or they are taking great interest in us. Maybe they are trying to psyche us. It may break us or it may make us go all out to prove them wrong. Let's wait and see,” said Misbun.
    Yongbo, however, claimed later that he had not spoken to any member of the media on the issue of Denmark having the upper hand over Malaysia. He said all top five teams – China, Malaysia, Denmark, Indonesia and South Korea – have an equal chance of winning.
  2. sweetgal

    sweetgal Regular Member

    Apr 26, 2006
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    yea.. well.. maybe china's trying to shaken msia's mental situation.. make them a bit shaky, worried.. and especially nervous when they play denmark..
  3. other

    other Regular Member

    Dec 14, 2004
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    Cambridge, UK
    TC isnt the only tournament this year....WCs coming up as well ;)

    let's just wait and see what happens

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