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Malaysian Coaches.

Discussion in 'Malaysia Professional Players' started by champion8, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. champion8

    champion8 Regular Member

    May 23, 2007
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    There are many coaches in Malaysia that has done well to bring our players to new heights and of course the latest is Wong Tat Meng who have been coaching Wong Mew Choo to success.

    I saw the proud face of Wong Tat Meng on TV when Mew Choo won and i believe it is great moment for him.

    Misbun Sidek too have been doing well on Lee Chong Wei. Lee Chong Wei seem to adapt well to Misbun training and it is great to see a mutual respect on both side.

    I heard there are lots of players in BAM and quite a number of coaches. Who are the coaches who has been successful in the past and future.
  2. sonnymak

    sonnymak Regular Member

    Oct 12, 2007
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    Let me start with the 80s. There was Tan Yee Khan and friends, who coached Razif-Jailani, Misbun, Ong Beng teong and even Wong Tat Ming at one point. Misbun fell out with Yee Khan in 1982 and never went back. There was also an octogenerian BAM and the National Sports body honoured recently could not remember his name who had work with the juniors in the 80s and I believe players like Cheah Soon Kit were under him for a while.

    Then there were the CHINA coaches begining with Fang Kai Xiang but he was here for a brief moment. Those who contributed the most was Chen Changjie and wife on the doubles and women players, Han Jian and Yang Yang in the early 90s with Rashid Sidek, Foo Kok keong, Cheah Soon Kit, Soo Beng Kiang, Yap Kim hock and Tan Kim Her.

    Morten Frost came and helped Yong Hock Kin and Ong Ewe Hock to top flight badminton. Park Joo Bong didnt get much headway Lee WW and Choong Tam Fook came in the late 90s and early 2000.

    Misbun coached Roslin , and Hafiz who are both talented but inconsistent. Misbun was also singles coach during Wong Choong Hann runnerup finish at the World Champ 2003.

    Yap Kim Hock was doubles coach when Chan Chong Ming and Chew Chong Eng's good run as well as KKK before becoming chief coach.

    Shouldnt take away Kwan Yoke Ming's work for the juniors in the early 2000.

    Now you have Rashid and Sun Chenghua(from Chia) doing a good job with Arif Latif, Lydia Cheah, Julia Chua in the junior department.

    Ong Beng Teong had coached I think in Australia and New Zealand. Kwan Yoke Ming I think have gone overseas too.

    Indonesian like indra Gunawan did some good work with Wong, Lee Tsuen seng before his departure and is now wit KLRC guiding Lee and Sairol.

    Tan Kim Her made us proud by winning the confidence of the S Korean BA to coach their doubles and he did a good job with the current Korean pairs and now he coaches the English doubles.

    Cheah Soon Kit doing a fantastic job as women doubles coach. Indonesian Rexy with the Men D.

    Wong Tat ming has done a good job raising the women department although the men's singles under his charge are still under performing but that's due to the available talent rather than his capabilities.

    There are many more malaysian local coaches working at the state level and independent academies that are unsung who have worked with the limited talent they have and prepared them to top flight Badminton.

    With Malaysia's small population of 24 million( Guangdong Province alone have 100 million people and more Badminton players under training then Malaysia), its remarkable we are still able to produce good players though not sufficient to challenge China and Indonesia where the talent pool is larger.

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