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Misbun takes Hafiz, Beng Hong away for separate training

Discussion in 'Malaysia Professional Players' started by ants, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. ants

    ants Regular Member

    Jul 19, 2002
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    TheStar Feb 10

    KELANA JAYA: In a bid to revive the fortunes of his charges – Mohd Hafiz Hashim and Kuan Beng Hong – national coach Misbun Sidek has decided to break away from the national badminton team’s training centre at Stadium Juara in Bukit Kiara.

    The Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) have given Misbun, who is also the Nusa Mahsuri badminton club’s coach, the green light to train the duo at the Kelana Jaya Stadium.

    However, Misbun said that Hafiz and Beng Hong would train with the other national shuttlers at Stadium Juara on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

    SEEKING A LIFT: Kuan Beng Hong (left) and Mohd Hafiz Hashim are now training with Misbun at the Kelana Jaya Stadium in a bid to revive their fortunes.
    “For now, this is the best for both Hafiz and Beng Hong. I am glad that the chief coach (Yap Kim Hock) and BAM have agreed to this arrangement,” Misbun said after a training session at the Kelana Jaya Stadium yesterday.

    “Both players have sufficient sparring sessions here. Hopefully, this ‘privacy’ will help rejuvenate the performances of Hafiz and Beng Hong in international tournaments,” said Misbun.

    Admitting that it was a very important year for badminton players, Misbun is hoping that Hafiz (world No 8) and Beng Hong (world No 11) can live up to his expectations.

    “There have been tremendous pressure on Hafiz since he lost in the early rounds in several tournaments this year. He needs to regain his confidence and work on stabilising his game,” said Misbun.

    “He did well last year. He reached five finals and won three of them. Now, he must aim to excel in the Thomas Cup Finals (April 28-May 7 in Japan), World Championships (Sept 18-24 in Madrid) and the Asian Games (Dec 1-15 in Doha).

    “His game can be unpredictable. He shines when least expected but falter when hopes are high. We need to work on his consistency.”

    Misbun said that Beng Hong’s game had stagnated.

    “He is under stress. It is frustrating for him when he fails to make a breakthrough despite trying many times. I understand his predicament,” said Misbun of the country’s fourth ranked player.

    “Beng Hong is quite superior in explosive movements. He has good anticipation and plays quite deceptively. He has to polish these elements to make that breakthrough this year.”

    Hafiz and Beng Hong are gearing up for the Thomas Cup Asian Zone qualifying tournament, which starts in Jaipur, India on Wednesday.
  2. Wizbit

    Wizbit Regular Member

    Jul 9, 2002
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    I thought Hafiz trains with Misbun more or less exclusively anyway? Is it because Hafiz doesn't get on with Li Mao? I know Misbun and Hafiz have a special connection, but surely sheltering him away from the other players for the vast majority of the time, isn't good for bonding with the rest of team, in an event like Thomas cup. In fact, their special treatment might have an effect on other players.

  3. Loh

    Loh Regular Member

    Oct 9, 2002
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    In general I agree with you. However, the trio is not entirely abandoned if the following statement holds true:

    "Misbun said that Hafiz and Beng Hong would train with the other national shuttlers at Stadium Juara on Wednesday and Saturday mornings."

    Hopefully during such combined training sessions, team camaraderie can be developed.

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