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Moving on up....string tension

Discussion in 'Badminton String' started by jeetz_2, Jan 16, 2002.

  1. jeetz_2

    jeetz_2 Guest

    Hello friends,
    I bought the BK rapier pro racquet (~88gms, medium-stiff). I have been playing for about 6mnths now, but I can smash the bird harder than most of the top players I come across (the rest of my game still requires tuning though :). It does however, take a lot of shoulder\arm power out of me, and sometimes my shoulder\arm gets sore. Someone mentioned that I might want to get my racquet restrung. I went to the store and they measured my racquet tension (factory string) at ~15lbs. What should I expect if I get it restrung to a higher tension say 19lbs? what about 22lbs?

    Thanks for your help
  2. Pete

    Pete Guest

    No problem. Just don't go over 27 lbs and you are fine.
  3. Creative

    Creative Guest

    Start off at 20lbs. cross and go up by increments of 2lbs. For me, 24lbs. is right for me. Good power and control is pretty good. Unless you are pure power player then you will go higher.
  4. ligak

    ligak Guest

    is it the tension of your string or your technique that make your shoulder and arm get sore? how about your body condition, e.g stamina, power, flexibility? 15Ibs is a very weak string tension. 18Ibs to 20Ibs is just fine for a new player. Hard to comment which tension is good for a player. The player himself must feel which tension fit his power. The more powerful he become, the higher his tension. Now i use 25Ibs, the highest i ever used was 27Ibs (getting older: the spirit is willing but the body is weak)
  5. jeetz_2

    jeetz_2 Guest

    I had my racquet restrung to 19lbs... now my game has instantly improved. My shoulder does not hurt anymore at all! Thanks 4 all your advice

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