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NEWS : Badminton/Swiss Open: Will the pair make or break?

Discussion in 'Swiss Open 2004' started by kwun, Feb 25, 2004.

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    Sport: Badminton/Swiss Open: Will the pair make or break?

    NSTP e-media

    S.S. Dhaliwal

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    THE pair of Chan Chong Ming-Chew Choon Eng will come under severe test in the Swiss Open and the All-England early next month.

    The duo have not partnered each other since last October following a shoulder injury to Chong Ming that needed surgery.

    But now that Chong Ming has recovered, the duo will make their charge to collect valuable points to qualify for the Athens Olympic.

    However, they will face an uphill task as not playing together in the last five months could have adverse effects.

    “Not playing together will definitely affect our performance but this is something we can overcome,” said Choon Eng.

    “Though Chong Ming has been in training since early this month, we have only played together four times.

    “This is because various combinations were being tested for the Thomas Cup qualifiers.

    “It is going to be difficult in the Swiss Open as it will be the first time we are playing in a competition.”

    They didn’t have a good outing in the Swiss Open with their best appearance being qualifying for the last 32 in 2003.

    It was the same for the All England though Choon Eng has done better with other partners.

    In 1999 he and Wan Wah made the semifinals of the All -England but were broken up in 2000 with Choon Eng partnering Chong Ming.

    “This is the longest period I have not played alongside Chong Ming since we were paired in the 2000 Thomas Cup,” said Choon Eng.

    Other than the duo, the country’s best bets in doubles to qualify for the Olympics are seasoned campaigners Choong Tan Fook-Lee Wan Wah.

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