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[PICTURES] Share your detected fake apparels

Discussion in 'Clothing & Footwear' started by Accordaz, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Accordaz

    Accordaz Regular Member

    May 6, 2011
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    Let's share some pictures for comparison reasons. I'm pretty sure some members here also have bought fakes without purpose. This thread should help members to avoid buying fakes if they are looking for genuine apparels.

    This is NOT a thread for members who are looking for fakes! This is also NOT a discussion thread if fakes are good or not.
    Don't hesitate to go in the full details how to identify fakes if you know how to :)

    I start this thread with the following Li-ning shirt.
    Shirt was used by China National Team during the Sudirman Cup 2009. Unfortunately I don't know its model name.

    Fake.jpg Fake2.jpg
    ld_sm_cup.jpg shop_female.jpg

    (Source of the 2nd picture:

    Main differences:
    - Genuine one has no physical etiquette (label) inside of the shirt (neck area) - it's printed on the shirt
    - For yellow shirt only: The letters "CHN" have a blackground while the fake shirt has a white background / part
    - The colours on the arms fades out, the fake shirts its colors on the arms doesn't fade that much out
    - On the side of the shirt, it's visible that the the colour gradient is going to be more white the more it goes up
    - The belly area should be (almost) white on the very bottom while the fakes are far away from white in this area

    Unfortunately I own two fakes of these shirts from a colleague, since she (hopefully) and me didn't know that these were fakes. I hope this will help at least someone who's looking for a genuine one of this shirt :)

    Once again:
    - This is not a discussion thread if fakes are good or bad
    - This is not a thread for fakes interested members

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