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Q: "where did my thread/post go?!?!?"

Discussion in 'Badminton Central Announcements' started by kwun, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. kwun

    kwun Administrator

    Apr 24, 2002
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    BC Janitor
    Santa Clara, CA, USA
    lately i have gotten more of these questions: "where did my thread/posts go??"

    if you noticed that a thread or post of yours is missing, there can be a couple of reasons:


    • you started a thread in the wrong forum. the moderators might have moved it to the more appropriate location.
    • you repeated a topic. the moderators might have merged it with a prior thread of the same topic.
    • you broke a forum rule by cross-posting in more than one forum/thread
    • you broke the forum rule by advertising. read the guidelines regarding selling items in BC:
    • your post was way off-topic. we have decided to prune out posts that are way off topic. if the thread is about string tension and then you made a reply asking if a certain serial number is legitimate or not, most likely your post will be deleted by the moderators. NOTE: we only delete posts that are completely out of alignment with the thread. we are very lenient if it is slightly off topic. the aim here is not to be 100% strict and pain in the backside, but the aim is to make sure that threads aren't derailed unneccessarily. again, this is rare and 99.99% of the posts are fine.
    • you made an inappropriate comment
    • your post does not make any sense - we have had a few completely incomprehensible posts that only causes confusion. we suggest the member go back and re-phrase their wordings and try again.
    in many cases, we will send the member a PM to tell them that their posts/threads have been moved or removed. but given that we are seeing 10's of these every day, it takes up too much time and as a result, we usually only do that to new members so that they are aware.

    and please don't come up to us asking us for an exhaustive list of what is considered off-topic and what is considered insensible or inappropriate. i am sure BC members are smart enough to make sensible judgements. there will be borderline cases once in a while, but the mods usually discuss and reach a concensus on how to proceed on those.

    ok. that's a lot of typing, but overall, the changes are very minimal and won't affect most members. this thread serves more as a reminder and clarification than anything else.

    BC is evolving daily and as we grow with more members added everyday, we need to make sure that BC remains organized and informative, and continue to serve as a useful resource and hangout for all badminton fans and players or just someone curious about badminton.


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