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Question about Swing Power Racket

Discussion in 'Badminton Rackets / Equipment' started by Q, Jun 7, 2001.

  1. Q

    Q Guest

    Hi I am new here. I have a question about swing power racket. I was told the swing power racket can swing faster because of the heavy head. I have played with ti10 and ti swing power ss, but I didn't feel the difference of the swinging speed between these two rackets. The ti10 is head heavy racket, does it have the swing power? Or the swing power racket is just the market gimmick? Thanks whoever can tell me the answer.
  2. Blitz

    Blitz Regular Member

    Apr 26, 2002
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    I think it's just a "callsign" for head heavy rackets as most SP rackets (I've used ISP 900 SX b4) are normally tat way. Using this property (imagine a hammer swinging from up to down), I guess it's logical to say that the racket might swing faster "in some directions" but I guess it's up to individual. For me, I'm not used to the head heavy of ISP 900 SX (slows down my swinging) and in the end I have to change to a Carlton AB 1000.
  3. harry

    harry Guest

    swing power 'is' supposed to help you swing better if you are a arm player because swing power rackets are head heavy, the affect is created by lightening the weight on the shaft and the handle making the head heavier than usual. But swing power rackets are not the only rackets designed head heavy and ti10 is one of them. ti10 is made heavy by adding weight to the head instead of lightening other parts of the racket by adding muscle power frame design at the top which is bumps in between the grommets.
  4. Q

    Q Guest

    Sorry, I was out for few days.
    So, as you said, ti10 and SP or other head heavy rackets can swing faster, or in term of "Swing Power" means the heavy racket?
  5. harry

    harry Guest

    heavy rackets and head heavy rackets can both help you swing faster

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