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Rules on serving

Discussion in 'Rules / Tournament Regulation / Officiating' started by Bob Kishi, Oct 28, 2000.

  1. Bob Kishi

    Bob Kishi Guest

    I've often wondered why there is the rule that when serving, the grip has to be noticeably higher than the racket head. I don't see any advantage to the grip being a little lower as long as the point of contact is below the waist. Does anyone know why this rule is necessary?
  2. tkchia

    tkchia Guest

    In case the server is a very tall player whose waist is above the net,then he could serve parallel or downward across the net .This contravene rule 9.1.8 states the flight of the shuttle shall be upwards from the server's racket---------etc.

    I hope my reply is right.
  3. Bob Kishi

    Bob Kishi Guest


    I'm not sure that you understood the question. Stated another way, my question is: why is it necessary to have the rule that the racket grip must be noticeably higher than the racket head when serving? It seems to me that keeping the point of contact below the waist is all that would be necessary. As you noted, the flight of the bird would have to be in an upward direction for a very tall (I would guess about seven and a half feet) person whose waist was taller than the net, but what difference would it make where that person's racket grip was as long as the point of service contact was below the waist?

    Bob Kishi
  4. J

    J Guest

    Serving with the grip lower than the racquet head allows you to generate much more power. The service is too good then, it can be like a strong drive.
  5. kwun

    kwun Administrator

    Apr 24, 2002
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    Santa Clara, CA, USA
    that's an interesting question. i really don't know the answer. but i can offer some guesses...

    the projectile of the racket head will be different if the head is higher than the wrist. this will allow different type of spin on the shuttle. at some point in time, the IBF was concern with players spinning the shuttle during service. could this be one of the remedy too?

    looking at the competiton tapes, it seems that a lot of the player seem to prefer the racket to be flatter during service. does anyone find that help?
  6. Bob Kishi

    Bob Kishi Guest

    That might be true for a backhand serve, but a forehand serve can generate just as much power with the racket head lower than the grip.
  7. The reasons for Law 9.6 are the following: with the rackethead not being noticably below the whole of the servers hand holding
    the racket, the potential speed of the delivery and the potential flat pattern of flight of the shuttle are such that the server can
    obtain a highly unfair advantage over the receiver in a way that the service becomes unreturnable. This goes for forehand as well
    as backhand services. This is against the purpose of the service, which is to start play. In designing this Law, the spinning of the shuttle was no consideration. The matter of the reverse spin service (or Sidek service) has been dealt with by defining the initial contact between shuttle and string having to be on the base of the shuttle and not on the feathers. A shuttle in flight will always spin, but in the Sidek service, the shuttle spinned in a direction against the natural airflow. This was achieved by holding the shuttle
    by the base with the feathers directed to the server's body and hitting the shuttle on the feathers with a slice stroke.

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