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SCG Badminton Asia Junior Championships 2016 (Mixed Team and Individual Events)

Discussion in '2016 Tournaments' started by Justin L, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. sen

    sen Regular Member

    May 17, 2002
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    Blue planet
    She fell down during semifinal, not sure about the extent of the injury.
    But her stamina need to be improved too if she really wants to compete with the best. Talent alone is not enough.

    I think Hana and Fitriani did not have the talent but Fitriani is hard working. Hana problem is also stamina as with other INA WS. Most of them did not have good stamina. Need to have very discipline coaches like Liang Chusia or Hendrawan
  2. fathonezic

    fathonezic Regular Member

    Jul 27, 2009
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    Kesultanan Ngayogyakarto Hadiningrat
    This one in Indonesian :
    you can use google translate for simple translation. Chen Yufei is good, her stroke is great, but she has a weakness in her rally game. Gregoria, who is very good in reading the game, has noticed this. Mariska has beaten Goh Jin Wei before, when they were still U15. I forgot when, maybe in Asean School. I follow INA Junior since they were a kid, but this 1-2 years, I dont have time to follow them even to attend some junior circuits in Jakarta.

    How can you say that INA has many good talents in WS ? You sure ? Even many coach still say that we have no special talents. Hana and Fitriani ? They work hard, but not good enough to enter top 20.

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