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Some company for my AT700

Discussion in 'Racket Recommendation / Comparison' started by mooton, May 9, 2006.

  1. mooton

    mooton New Member

    May 9, 2006
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    I got my AT700 quite some time ago, used it twice, hated it and forgot about it. Last weekend I decided to give it another go, this time I loved it. Nice smashes, easy clears and reasonable drops. The only problem really was my lifts when recieving a smash were a little weak and didn't always make it to the back of the court.

    I'm going to use it for my main racket for now, however I need some help picking a new "backup" racket.

    I'm going to be buying from because they seem to have the biggest range. I've used other shops in the UK (PWP, JTsports etc...) but Central Sports have always been the most helpful. They don't sell the AT700 anymore which is a bit of a shame but they do have an awful lot of other rackets in stock. I always like trying new rackets anyway so it's no bad thing.

    I was hoping someone could reccomend a few rackets to me that might suit me - they have to be available from Central Sports tho, as I'm not going anywhere else.

    I'll do my best to provide all the information I can about myself.

    About me
    I play mens doubles and mixed.
    Been playing for around 3 years.
    I play in a mens doubles league.
    Like everyone I enjoy a nice hard smash.
    I'm more offencive than defencive.

    Racket Preferences
    price doesn't matter
    must be head heavy
    the stiffer the shaft the better
    weight just needs to be below 86g
    must be able to take 22-24lbs string tension without durability problems
    head shape doesn't matter

    I hope that's enough information, feel free to ask more if it'll help you to help me! :D

    - Moo

    PS, I've been looking at the Karakal SL-70, I've heard it's good, read some of the posts about it on this forum, any comments on that racket would be good, but of course any brand will do!

    PPS, The Fleet FT- 95 Nano Power Offensive looks ok too, can'tfind much info on it tho.
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