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some questions, helped appreciated

Discussion in 'Techniques / Training' started by LevelZero, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. LevelZero

    LevelZero Regular Member

    May 20, 2005
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    Singapore, CCK

    I got some questions, regarding techniques. Hope you guys can help.

    1) Regarding short serve. Is it better for a short serve to be precise (near the line) [to give your opponent a tough time deciding whether it's going to be in or out], or is it better for it to be deeper into the court. (still slow but deep), where you restrict your opponent's lifting angle.

    Are there different types of short serve one should use in singles n doubles?

    Hope i made sense, cause my phrasing may be abit weird..

    2) Is it nessecary to totally turn your body (for maximum power) while dropping. Cause nowadays singles (and especially doubles) are very fast-paced and you may not have the time to totally turn your body to execute shots. As drop shot doesn't require that extra power from the turning, will one lose control by simply turning your arm to the right (without turning body), and slice/drop the shuttle? It may sound weird, but i think it's faster this way. Though my coach says it loses control. It's true, i guess, but to a small it technically wrong?

    3) regarding strategy, does continous drop shots put you at a disadvantage?

    ok thats all, thanks for any potential ans/help.
  2. extremenanopowe

    extremenanopowe Regular Member

    Apr 22, 2005
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    Chief Coach. The best and still active.
    Lets see... There's no hard and fast rule as long as you are comfortable with it. Each and every player has their own style of playing. Else, the world of badminton will be very boring.

    For serving, best is to serve closest to the middle T line. Less angle for your opponent to tap and the shuttle will reach the net faster (avoid tapping).

    short serve for singles doubles shd be the same, just take a look at the international players. Singles tend to serve a step back further (more coverage needed at the back).

    Reason for swinging your body is to trick your opponent. If you don't swing it, they'll know or read your game. However, as long as you are consistent and the shots are accurate, no problem.

    If you have the power, smash it. Only lazy people drops. You'll make yourself too defensive. Your opponent will catch you and net you forcing you to lift the shuttle. Its about attacking to win. An of course, you need to reduce mistakes due to the 21 points system.:D

    Hope this helps.

  3. Kiwiplayer

    Kiwiplayer Regular Member

    Aug 23, 2002
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    New Zealand
    For doubles short serve, serve primarily to the T. Also, pay attention to opponent's racquet carriage. Some racquet positions leave certain "holes" that can be taken advantage of.

    For singles short serve, vary between serving to the T and a deeper short serve - perhaps a foot or so in from the front service line. The deeper serve makes it harder for the opponent to play a tight net drop.

    Maximum power is obtained well before a maximum turn, at a guess it's much closer to 90 degrees than 180 degrees. Shots using the full turn are harder to control, but are more deceptive - compare professional MS to LS technique from the back court.

    Wayne Young

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