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String Review: Kason C-60 Commendatory [0.70mm]

Discussion in 'Badminton String' started by demoniez, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. demoniez

    demoniez Regular Member

    Sep 5, 2006
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    HK, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia
    Hey guys,

    Bought many strings to try out over the past few weeks and would like to share my experiences with you guys here. More reviews to come :)

    Kason C-60 Commendatory

    Gauge: 0.70mm

    Core: ??
    Outer: ??
    Coating: ??
    All it is listed is 'POWERFUL MICRO FIBRE' :)

    Tested on:
    YONEX ARC 10
    Tension 30 x 32, Yonex 4 knots
    2 months, 3 hours per week at least

    Yonex BG65


    1) Stringing
    This is pretty nice for stringing as it is very smooth. Seems like a touch of seemingly titanium coating on the outer core, glossy smooth finishing. Very similar to the glossy type of surface you can find on BG65TI and NBG98. Tension seems to hold on decently as compared to BG65, which from my experience can lose ~3-4LB after a month or so. String is a thick 0.70mm which seems pretty durable.

    2) Gameplay
    Oh my this is explosive! Yes that is only when compared to BG65 at the same tension :) BG65 is one which is as good as any other high end strings out there only in very high tensions >30LB. C-60 works the same way; the higher you go the more repulsive and powerful it can be, and need not be as high tension as BG65. Shock absorption is the type you would find for medium feeling strings such as Yonex BG66. Note that this string is harder than BG65. Hitting sound is louder than BG65 for sure. Tension retention is considered fair, ~-2LB in a month of 2hrs a week at least. Even though it is a little slippery, it feels really solid and have decent control. Durability seems good, no signs of breakage under very high tensions especially during stringing. Surprisingly, all the Kason strings i have tried have high quality and solid feel, even for economical strings from this series. I know some makers have decent strings at affordable prices but they just don't have the same solidness as Yonex for instance. Apacs, fleet are those :)


    Repulsion: 7/10
    Durability: 10/10
    Hitting Sound: 8/10
    Shock Absorption: 7.5/10
    Control: 8/10 (Feels real solid)
    Feel: Medium feeling (Similar to BG66, harder than BG65)
    Tension Retention: Good (~-2LB in a month of 2hrs a week at least)

    You can't complain for the kind of price you can get this for. Good for recreational players and school kids with emphasis on value and performance ratio. This is absolutely value for money with the kind of quality you get and i would rate this anytime over BG65, which is more expensive and offering pretty similar quality. This has good enough repulsion, power and exceptional durability. You probably wont need a string replacement for a year and it doesnt even drops tension like a falling sack of potatoes!

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