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Discussion in 'Badminton Stringing Techniques & Tools' started by Lao Liu, Aug 10, 2001.

  1. Lao Liu

    Lao Liu Guest

    It has been pussled me for sometime now. I have my rackets strung by different stringers. Some of them strung the racket with two pieces of strings for h and v directions (4 knots), while others just had one piece (two knots). What are the differences? Is it true that two pieces of string is better for different tensions in H and V directions, or u can archieve this with a single string too?
  2. Byro-Nenium

    Byro-Nenium Regular Member

    Apr 28, 2002
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    I'm not a stringer so i can't tell you for sure. But not only are rackets tied with 2 or 4 knots, they also have a different no. of strings on the cross. If you check the bottom of the racket, there may be 1 cross string less on some rackets than others
  3. shaun

    shaun Regular Member

    Apr 30, 2002
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    Theatre boy!!
    North York, Ont
    if you have 4 knots, it most likely means that you have different tensions b/w the main and cross strings( i do that too).
    also, stringing with only 2 knots will have the strings start in a different direction when compared to a racquet string with 4 knots.
    if i recall correctly, a racquet strung with 4 knots will have the mains strung first, from the bottom to the top...or something like that...ok i confused myself.
    but i do know for sure that stringing with 2 knots uses a different stringing technique......i dunno :sad:
  4. boy

    boy Guest

    The best stringer should always have 2 pieces, and have 1~2 lbs. difference in V and H tensions. If it only use 1 piece, it will change the shape of the racquent when you use high tensions.

    Overall, go to the stringer, who use the first method you mentioned.

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