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Discussion in 'Badminton String' started by Titus Shem, Feb 4, 2002.

  1. Titus Shem

    Titus Shem Guest

    Hey, i got a mp-100 a few weeks ago, and i am using BG-68ti string right now. It has alot of power. However, it's hard to control. I heard that BG-85 has great control. I prefer drops better than smashes. So should i change my string to BG-85 or should i stay with my 68??? Thanx
  2. Jason

    Jason Guest

    go for BG88Ti... i got a LOT of people recommending this string to me... btw... I am also using BG68... it's awesome!... control wise.. hehe.. just gotta use a lil more skill n it'll be good ^^
  3. spacio42

    spacio42 Guest

    i think BG66 is better for drops but it doesn't last
  4. Gladius

    Gladius Regular Member

    Apr 26, 2002
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    Design Engineer
    As an overall string, with durability thrown in, I would go for the BG-88Ti.

    But if durability is not an issue, I would prefer the BG-85.

    As for drops, I personally feel that the BG-88Ti and BG-85 are way better than the BG-66. Which is a little too bouncy for really soft net control and touch.
  5. Pete

    Pete Guest

    Agreed! however, BG-88 Ti doesn't take high tension very well. Mine will need replacement very soon.
  6. Creative

    Creative Guest

    Pete, how high did you string BG88Ti? Did your string snap very fast? I have BG88Ti now @ 24lbs cross and it is doing great. Titus, go for BG85 first then move up to BG88Ti. BG85 is a very good string. Doesn't last but you will love your drops. BG88Ti has a better long-term feel to it. You can use BG88Ti for 2 months and the tension is still high and drops are very consistent throughout. BG85 tends to loosen up down the stretch. BG85 is good for the first few weeks but gets worse as tension lowers.
  7. Cheung

    Cheung Moderator

    Apr 25, 2002
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    wannabe badminton phototaker
    Outside the box
    I think Pete's BG88Ti is at 30lbs. Is that right?
  8. sridhar

    sridhar Guest

    I have doubt on my string tension (32 lbs mentioned by the vendor cum stringer--ProAce ti-66 string) of my new racquet (Proace titanium dream -- S$145), but during the play I have noticed that the string were distorted. Previously I have used ProAce racquet with 24lbs and the string didn't move while playing. So please advice me how to test the string tension.

    Thanks and Regards,

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