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Super Series from 2011-2013: Denmark has been chosen

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by chris-ccc, Mar 24, 2010.

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    Source: Reuters India

    Super Series hosts named, Australia and U.S. lose out

    Wed Mar 24, 2010 6:04pm IST

    COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Denmark has been chosen as one of the nations to host the next phase of badminton's Super Series from 2011-2013, the Danish Badminton Federation said in a media release on Wednesday.

    Others include China, England, France, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore.

    Bids are still being assessed from Hong Kong, India and Switzerland along with a second bid from China to host another tournament.

    Three would be selected from those four, the federation said, making 12 in all but there is no place at the top table for Australia, the United States, Vietnam or Macau.

    The bids were put before the Badminton World Federation's (BWF) executive board meeting in Birmingham at the All England championships earlier this month.

    The BWF is revamping hosting conditions for all the Super Series, which came into being in 2007. The Danish federation said all potential hosts had been required to meet "significantly increased commercial demands stipulated by BWF".

    Danish federation president Peter Jensen said: "Denmark has a long-standing tradition for a Super Series tournament -- the Denmark Open -- and belongs to one of the great nations in the world in terms of badminton."

    Although Australia and the U.S. might be disappointed at their exclusion, neither was a great power in terms of top players and live television coverage might be harder to secure, one well-placed badminton source told Reuters.

    The BWF will now pick out three or four of the tournaments at its annual meeting in May and designate them as a "Premium Super Series," a sort of grand slam of badminton.

    (Writing by Dave Thompson in London; Editing by Clare Fallon; To query or comment on this story email

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