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T/U Cups-Jaipur hopes for the green signal

Discussion in 'Thomas Cup / Uber Cup 2006' started by DaN_fAn, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. DaN_fAn

    DaN_fAn Regular Member

    Jan 11, 2005
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    Dated 12th Sep
    Found this Article in Hindi,so i will translate it-
    The Gulabinagar indoor stadium in Jaipur[India] hope to get the green signal to host the T/U Cups Asian Zone Qualifiers early next year.The Construction work for the Stadium is in good progress.ABC official Karen Koe arrived here today to take a look at the progress.The deadline for the Stadium to be completed as given by the ABC was the end of September.
    The work as of now is in full swing and is likely to be completed by October end.As of now a Press Box is aldready made in the Stadium in which more than 30 Internet Connections will be made available for Reporters.Players Lounge,Dope testing room and Canteen are also ready.Electric and air conditioning work is going on..A lot has aldready been spend and some more needs to be invested for the finishing.
    On the Whole the work is in good progress and the organisers are waiting for the green light to go ahead with the preparations
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