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WTB: [Thailand Area, Bangkok] Looking to buy 2nd hand YY racket [Last until 30 July 2011]

Discussion in 'Buy & Sell - Read the rules sticky before you post' started by arfandy, May 27, 2011.

  1. arfandy

    arfandy Regular Member

    Sep 3, 2009
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    China, Thailand, & Indonesia
    I'm currently stocking up authentic Yonex badminton rackets for testing purposes & hand-gift purpose. I will be visiting Thailand from July 7 ~ 31 2011, probably spend my time in Bangkok area or ChiangRai.

    I was thinking to buy new ARC-ZS 3U in Thailand, but it might be cheaper to buy 2nd hand racket instead, before decided to stock 'em up in my storage room. Alternatively, ARC-8DX, ARC-10, MP99/100 (i wonder if anyone wanna sell these!) AT900P, AT700, AT900T, VT70, VT80 (all must be in 3U) are part of my shopping spree (more or less depending my leftover budget)

    Therefore, for whoever living in Thailand (Bangkok or northern part), and (maybe) dislike/hate their current Yonex rackets (as those mentioned above) and thinking to get rid of 'em, please contact me. (Think twice to sell off if your racket has its own personal value, e.g given by your gf, you got it from some pros on some tournament, etc..etc)


    1. Yonex rackets must be 100% original, TH, SP, TW, IP code (i will have some Internet inspection regarding the serial number).:)
    2. Low~med damage paint-chips are still acceptable but should be taken into your price consideration.:confused: a total NO for cracks/fixed-cracked rackets.
    3. Sorry but i don't really care how nicely your grip/overgrip/replacement grip look like (even if it's dirty & smelly), nor the type of string on it, nor any kind of "special limited edition" racket, nor any included "free bonus"; bag, string, shoes, etc that come with it. I just need the racket.
    4. ALL must be in 3U version, no 4U.
    5. I'm willing to pay from 60~75% of the purchased price of your racket, depending the damages on it. (Negotiable)
    6. I wouldn't bother about the age of your racket, even if you purchased ARC-ZS in 2003:D but as long as it's still good to go, then it's good enough to me.
    6. Please don't try cheat on me about the price. I have lived in Thailand for 9 years, visited many sport shops, & pretty much have all the idea of the Yonex price in Thailand.:rolleyes:

    Here's my list:

    ARC-ZS [2pcs needed]
    ARC-8DX [2pc]
    ARC-10 [2pcs]
    AT900P/T, 700 [2pcs each]
    VT70 & VT80 [2pcs each]
    MP99/100 [??]

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