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This Saturday Session Special for Visitors

Discussion in 'Australia / New Zealand' started by magicinsports, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. magicinsports

    magicinsports Regular Member

    Apr 2, 2006
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    Our Club would like to invite casual visitors to join us on this Saturday badminton (12 April). Normally, casual visitor pays $11 per session. But on this Saturday session 2 - 4:30 pm, you only need to pay $7 if you satisfy the following criteria:

    1. aged between 18 - 50;
    2. grade C or above player;
    3. send me a private message to register your attendance before this Thursday 11 pm and receive our confirmation by Friday 11 am.
    4. once confirmed, arrive at our courts before 2:10 pm on this Saturday.

    A maximum of 8 casual visitors is allowed for the above special rate, so first register first get your seat. When registering, please send me your name and email address.

    Our address: Taren Point Youth Centre, 135 Taren Point Road, Taren Point NSW 2229.

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