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ti10 long, mp100 and mp77

Discussion in 'Market Place' started by albert, Oct 9, 2001.

  1. albert

    albert Guest

    i'm selling these rackets:
    TI10 long is US$160
    MP100sp is US$180
    MP77sp is US$150
    inclusive of shipping charges anywhere in North America
    Asian orders will have price reductions.
    All rackets are NEW!!!
  2. Blacktiger

    Blacktiger Guest

    Hi Albert...I am from the Philippines. I'm interested in getting a much would you sell it to me?
  3. duke

    duke Guest

    i play in aguinaldo..i was wondering if the rackets you selling are from the japanese factory for "import" or made from the japanese factory for local use (japan). How much for the SP model? do you have the CP/CN model of the MP-100? u can text me at 0917-4025514. thanks


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