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Training & Tournament in Bay Area

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Shuttlecock.Com, Jun 28, 2001.

  1. This is a heads up information for players around the Bay Area and others.

    SJSU Summer Badminton Training Camp
    Coach by: Ben Lee ( Previous US National Player ) & Gong Chen ( SJSU Badminton Coach )
    Date: Starts July 30 for 3 weeks ( Mon-Friday in the evening )
    Note: Class is recommended for High School beginner and intermediate players ( 2 different sessions )

    ( Hi-Hua ) Bay Area Fall Open 2001
    The largest and most competitive tournament in the Bay Area
    Sept. 28-30, 2001
    Note: URL will be accessible after July 5, 2001
    Sponsors: Hi-Hua, Badminton Alley, Hi-Tec, Alpha, Chinese Culture Center and a lot more coming....
  2. harry

    harry Guest

    wat bay are you talking about? in canada?
  3. SystemicAnomaly

    SystemicAnomaly Regular Member

    Sep 21, 2004
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    Santa Clara, CA
    'The Bay' is San Francisco Bay
  4. Zclyh3

    Zclyh3 Regular Member

    Aug 22, 2004
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    Not employed during academic school yeah
    San Leandro/San Jose, CA
    Dude..BAY know..CALIFORNIA? I would love to go..but...I have a good job I can't pass it up..although I would LOVE to gear up for the NCAA. Yes..that's RIGHT! Badminton will soon be a NCAA sport.
  5. cooler

    cooler Regular Member

    Apr 25, 2002
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    Surfing, reading fan mails:D, Dilithium Crystal hu
    Basement Boiler Room
    who's behind NCAA? that's a good news. Maybe there might be some tv coverage on it one day
  6. pa player

    pa player Guest

    NCAA sport

    badminton is already an NCAA sport (for the past couple of years though I am pretty sure they don't want to admit it). we just had the NCAA National Collegiate tournament in April @ Albright College, Reading PA. We (Drexel Univ) came in 2nd Place in Men's.

    Last year it was held on the west coast, I believe @ Stanfor Univ. Couldn't go there. Our univ don't give us any money :-(
  7. pa player

    pa player Guest


    How did that red face with a frown show up? I don't know how to do those!! Did somebody (admin) put it there or did I not realize that I put it there?????
    Anyways how do you put these in the message?
  8. Frown

    Frown Guest

    Re: Miracle!!

  9. Re: Miracle!!

    ncaa? tv coverage? dream on! and why your school didn't give you any money? simple...they know that they won' get anything back! wake up my friend! you live in the US. everything here is on the dollar. money money money!!! if not a gazzillion dollars is involved, it does not exist! I'll bet you this. if some rich bastard sponsors a badminton tourney with the first place prize money is about 5 to 10 million dollars. I am so sure that there will be tv coverage, and the entire nation will go nuts on the sport! currently, the top dollar prize for first place winner is less than 300 dollars in the US.

    badminton is not a money sport. it's a sport of passion. only those retailers stores make money. the players don't.

  10. pa player

    pa player Guest

    Re: Miracle!!

    NCAA? YES, it was definitely NCAA's a different story that nobody want to admit it or even knows about it

    tv coverage ?? No, we didn't have any of that...just one article in the local newspaper in Reading, PA....i haven't seen the article myself...

    go to this site...
  11. g2k

    g2k Guest

    Re: Miracle!!

    pa player,

    can you gave some more info on the result of that tournament? who went? who won?

    i'm just curious who's the best college in badminton.

  12. pa player

    pa player Guest

    Re: Miracle!! - NCAA results

    g2k, here's the link...

    this is by no way an accurate assessment of which is the best college because many colleges might not have been able to attend...for eg next year this tournament is going to be held on the west coast and we won't be able to attend (though we came in 2nd place in teh men's)

    but Howard Univ. is definetly good...they even have a coach who chalks out strategies and an olympic qualifier from Kenya playing for them...

    the girls from UCSD were definetly good...i think one of them is even ranked nationally in the US..

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