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Tried a few racquets last night

Discussion in 'Badminton Rackets / Equipment' started by DuckFeet, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. DuckFeet

    DuckFeet Regular Member

    Feb 22, 2012
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    My own ashaway superlight 79. 5U, stock micropower strings (.70mm?) at probably 20lbs. I cannot find specs on this but I thought it was medium flex, medium balance. I think it is actually stiff and head light. This is very fast, and great at the front especially drives, but seemed to have the least powerful overhead.

    Voltric 5. medium flex head heavy, 3U but feels light. I'm not a fan on the bg55 at what felt like 16lbs. Feels very nice but not nice enough to go and buy one given that I already have too many racquets. I like it enough to want to try a vt70 though (is that medium or stiff? I've read both). Definitely best sounding racquet due to the weird swoosh noise it makes. I really really want to try this at 22lbs with .65 or .66 strings. I think this was the nicest feeling of the lot.

    Carlton vapour trail s-lite. 4U? headlight flexible. I've never got on with this racquet, except last night I hit a few smashes in anger. Boom. Micropower 66 again but around 18-20lbs. I shall put some tape on the head ans see how this goes with a bit more HH balance. The flex makes it feel like I couldn't rely on it for accuracy though.

    Random old slazenger silouhette. specs unknown but feels like the SL79. Enough tape on the top to feel significantly head heavy when swinging. Micropower 66 at 21lbs? (strung at 23 a year ago). Nice 'crack' sound but more effort required for same speed overheads so I'm guessing it is med-stiff.

    With the last 3 I hit at least one zinger of a smash that felt great and fast so I think this means I need more weight and flex in my racquets if the specs of the SL79 are indeed stiff and head light.

    I think I've got a better idea of what I want from my next racquet and my current may not be best suited to me.

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