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US and Canada shuttlecock distributor

Discussion in 'Market Place' started by ejunk1e, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. ejunk1e

    ejunk1e Regular Member

    May 14, 2013
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    United States
    Hi BCers, I want to create a list for shuttlecock distributors based in US and Canada (only).
    I hope this list can help badminton community in US and Canada to find the a reasonable market price for good quality and affordable shuttlecock.
    I also hope this list can attracts other shuttlecock brand (rcl, protech, etc) to open up distributor channels for US and Canada. Hopefully, this list can give them (future distributors) an idea of shuttlecock market price in US and Canada.
    I believe badminton is a growing sport in US and Canada.
    A good quality and affordable supply of shuttlecock are needed to keep the interest on badminton high.
    I appreciate it if you guys can help me with this.
    I believe more competition = better price for us (customers).

    **all currency is in US $**

    Badmintonian -
    Canada distributor for Youhe shuttlecock. Shipping to US and Canada.

    Products: Aeroplane and Youhe shuttlecock.

    Best value: youhe s-100 (bwf approved)
    19.50 $ per tube for 10 tubes and 18.50 $ for 50 tubes.

    Shipping: 10 $ for 10 tubes and 25$ for 50 tubes

    Tax: no tax

    US distributor for Aeroplane. Shipping to US and Canada.

    Products : Aeroplane shuttlecock

    Best value: Aeoplane eg1130.
    23.35 $ each for 6 - 14 tubes. 20.25 $ for 50 tubes.

    Shipping: 50 $ for 50tubes.
    Tax: unknown

    Canada based distrobutor for Li-ning. Shipping to US and Canada.

    Products: Li-ning shuttlecock.

    Best value: Li-ning a+ 300 (bwf approved).
    24 $ per tube for 13 tubes (including shipping and tax)

    Shipping: Free shipping when you spend 150$

    Tax: yes
  2. cobalt

    cobalt Moderator

    Aug 7, 2010
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    Moved this thread to Marketplace!
  3. Chranisa

    Chranisa Regular Member

    Oct 25, 2004
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    Wire Home Furnishing
    Great selection Enjuk1e!

    I also wanna suggest another store the is a supplier. I got my shuttles from Based in Vancouver BC Canada. They have a few other brands of shuttles. Like Yonex, Victor, Hang Yu and RSL. It's great to see people helping one another find better deals on shuttles and sales on BC.

    Here's the link to their site.

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